You’ll Say NO to Dentures When You See What This Philly Dental Implant Center Can Provide

Teeth that are missing due to disease or decay have traditionally been replaced with dentures. For a long time, these removable false teeth provided the best solution to embarrassing, unsightly gaps. Dentures must be held in place with some type of adhesive, but they often move around or slip, causing discomfort and embarrassment for the user. They can irritate gums and even lead to sores. Dentures must also be maintained properly through regular removal for cleaning.

This solution to missing teeth is certainly far from ideal, as it can even cause difficulty chewing and eating certain foods. Thanks to modern technology, dental implants are now recommended as a better solution for missing teeth. Our Philly dental implant center can provide you with a new set of dental implants that will last longer, feel better, and look more natural than dentures.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are comprised of three different components. The first is a post that is placed into the space where the missing tooth used to be. This post is biocompatible and will bond with the bone tissue. This bonding provides the anchor for the post and the rest of the dental implant to remain secure and stable. The abutment is attached to the

post and helps secure a natural looking replacement tooth in the mouth. Dental implants can help prevent future problems associated with missing teeth, including the loss of bone density or the shifting of teeth around in empty spaces.

A Better Solution

Dental implants at our Philly dental implant center are firmly secured in the gum and jaw. They are very strong and will not slip or move around like dentures. Dental implants are the better and more permanent solution to missing teeth and they require much less maintenance than dentures. In fact, we tell our patients to simply brush and floss them like natural teeth and practice good dental hygiene.

Perhaps the best part is that your implants will feel like natural teeth. Many people complain about dentures being awkward and uncomfortable, but our implant patients will tell you that this solution is the closest thing to having your natural teeth back.

Our ability to do full mouth restorations also makes us unique. Our “All on 4” treatment concept offers patients a new set of teeth in just one day! Just four implants placed into the jaw bone serve as anchors for an entire set of new, natural looking teeth. If you have been wearing dentures and are tired of the discomfort, dental implants are the more permanent and natural looking answer.