The #1 Benefit of Dental Implants

Because dental implants provide many great benefits, they are the preferred solution for those who need new teeth. These benefits include:

  • The long lasting security of your new teeth

  • The ability to create the exact smile you have always dreamed of through the customization of new teeth to fit your mouth perfectly

  • The functionality they provide for eating, talking, etc.

  • The ability to have your new teeth in just ONE day

While these benefits are obvious reasons why dental implants are a great choice for many patients, the The #1 Benefit of Dental Implants = Your Health!

Read more about the benefit of dental implants and their positive impact on the health of the patient.

Consider This Important Benefit of Dental Implants: The Impact on the Jawbone

The health of your jaw bone is a major factor in the overall health of your mouth. Your jawbone stays healthy because of the thousands of tiny stimulations it receives from your teeth rubbing up against one another during the course of any given day. When tooth loss occurs, the jawbone is no longer able to receive the stimulation it needs to stay healthy. Overtime the bone will decay further and further, which contributes to faster aging of facial features, decreased bone density and a decline in overall oral health.

Dental implants allow the jawbone to be continually stimulated even after tooth loss occurs. By replacing the teeth in such a way that allows them to interact with the jawbone, just as natural teeth would, the bone keeps its density and health. Other teeth replacement options like dentures do not provide this major benefit because they do not attach to the jawbone in any way.

Why Dental Implants are the Best Choice for Your Long Term Health

When considering the benefit of dental implants, remember that your oral health has the potential to significantly impact other areas of your health. When tooth loss occurs or when failing dentition is left untreated, infection and decay can cause toxins to enter your bloodstream. These toxins can be extremely harmful to your heart, which may result in major health issues.

Don’t let your overall health suffer because of negligence concerning your teeth and gums. If you’re experiencing pain or dealing with infection in your mouth, there’s a solution. Dental Implants protect the jawbone and gums and last a lifetime. At the same time, they contribute to your overall health by ensuring that a lack of oral health doesn’t lead to other problems throughout your body. The assurance that you can do something to protect your health should be comforting. That’s why it’s the major reason why many patients consider dental implants.

The By Design Dental Implant Center Difference

At By Design, the benefits of dental implants can be experienced in just one day’s time. Our office is uniquely equipped with not only all of the necessary state of the art equipment and technology to make your new teeth.  We are also equipped with an experienced and caring team of professionals to complete the whole process from start to finish. Because our team works together under one roof, our patients are able to receive their new teeth in one visit. This sets our practice apart from traditional dental implant providers. We also offer our patients a less painful, less time consuming and less expensive approach to receiving new teeth. Come in for a free consultation and let us tell you more about the benefit of dental implants!