Share A Smile Recipient
Steven Corleto

Meet Our Share A Smile Recipient, Steven Corleto!

Steven’s Story





Steven Tells Us About His Dental Health:

I have a genetic disorder where three-quarters of my baby teeth are permanent. In order to have the implants I need for my full mouth, it is very costly. The older I get, the more it becomes an issue, as those teeth are just getting weaker and weaker. They cause significant pain, but I don’t let my family know they cause me pain because it will upset them. My mother has spent thousands of dollars on temporary solutions to try and help me, but ultimately, it all ends the same. Right back where I started with barely any teeth and embarrassment.

Steven Tells Us Why Restoring His Smile Is Important to Him:

I have been battling depression and embarrassment my whole life. My family has done all they can to help me, including a temporary veneer plate. Although it helps, it isn’t the same as having a permanent smile. It could really boost my confidence and my career if I could just get the little bit of financial help. Being a barber is amazing, but it just doesn’t quite cover the extensive bills that come along with my dental issues.

Steven Tells Us Why He Thinks He Is a Good Candidate for the Share A Smile Program:

I would like to think I am a good candidate because I am young and still have so much to aspire for in my life. My mother has always taught my family that in the business world a great smile goes a long way. She said, “Always take care of your teeth the best you can.” She has cried many, many nights over the fact that they just couldn’t afford to help me. I would love to see my mother smile knowing I was ultimately able to achieve what she wanted to do for me all these years.

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