Gum Surgery in King of Prussia, PA

What Is Gum Surgery?

Surgery on the gums can be performed for both restorative and cosmetic dental concerns. Frequently, it is done to treat patients who have been diagnosed with the advanced stages of gum disease (periodontitis). This happens when bacteria and plaque hide in the gum pockets. This buildup can begin to create toxins, which may impact your gums, teeth, jaw, and the muscles in your lower face. Based on how advanced your condition is, there are two types of gum surgery we perform at ByDesign Dental Specialists to treat periodontal disease — gingival flap surgery and gingivectomy. Gingivoplasty is a cosmetic procedure that reshapes and improves your gums following gum disease treatment. Our King of Prussia, PA periodontal team performs these gum surgeries to address advanced periodontal disease and restore the appearance of your smile.

How Is Gum Surgery Performed?

Before you receive treatment, our dental practitioners will analyze your gums and teeth to determine which procedure is best for your needs. Depending on the surgery selected, our expert team will discuss your anesthesia and sedation options to help keep you comfortable and relaxed during the appointment. Gingival flap surgery begins with incisions in the gums so they can be pulled back from your teeth. When the enamel and gum pockets are visible, the area is deep cleaned before the gums are closed with sutures. A gingivectomy eliminates excess tissue and then deep scales the teeth and gum pockets. A gingivoplasty procedure will reshape and adjust your recessive gum tissue. In some cases, gum graft surgery may be included as part of a gingivoplasty to make your gumline even.

What Are the Benefits of Gum Surgery?

Gum (periodontal) surgery at ByDesign Dental Specialists in King of Prussia, PA delivers several oral health and aesthetic advantages, such as:

  • Better oral wellness: Surgery can help treat periodontal disease and prevent further deterioration and the potential likelihood of tooth loss.
  • Cosmetic enhancement: Gum surgery might build a more proportional and attractive gumline.
  • Decreases tooth sensitivity: By fighting gum shrinkage, surgery can shield bare tooth roots, minimizing sensitivity to hot and cold.
  • Blocks bone loss: Treating periodontitis early can block bone loss in the jaw.
  • Enhanced breath: Removing deep pockets and infected tissue may significantly reduce bad breath triggered by bacterial growth.

Trust the process! I was referred by a friend to go here. I can say, I didn't make a mistake. Dr. Moore and Dr. Mogyoros are fantastic. They both truly care about their patients health and well-being. The entire staff recognizes that we are all people and they want their patients to feel great about their smile. I was comfortable here and would highly recommend! Thank you all for making me feel great again! I love to smile again.

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This is an absolutely beautiful, relaxing office with fantastic staff and doctors. I wouldn’t want to be treated anywhere else.

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I recently got a filling done at this dental office. Beverly, Dr. Moore's assistant was wonderful. She did a great job helping out and ensuring I was comfortable. Dr. Moore is an excellent prosthodontist. He explained everything he was doing and made sure it was done correctly.

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Both a kind and knowledgeable physician as well as fantastically gifted surgeon. My daughter needed a surgery and Dr Levin performed the procedure. She basically had no pain and there was not even a scar during or after recovery. Fairly invasive procedure as well. Only good things to say about Dr Levin.

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Dr. Moore is patient, compassionate and great at his job. I had significant anxiety as I hadn’t had a dental procedure (other than teeth cleanings) in over 15 years and forgot what to expect- he explained everything, took his time answering all my questions and I never felt like I was being pressured to rush through the procedure. My significant other has been coming to him for years and I made the switch to have him be my dentist and it was the best decision.

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Healthy Gums

Gum disease can be painful and cause other problems, like infections, diabetes, and heart disease. Gum surgery at ByDesign Dental Specialists is often a great treatment option to address advanced periodontal disease and improve your smile. To learn more, contact our office in King of Prussia, PA to schedule your appointment with our dental professionals.

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