Wisdom Tooth Extractions in King of Prussia, PA

What Are Wisdom Tooth Extractions?

A person's final pair of molars, which typically erupt in the later adolescent years, are known as wisdom teeth. Located in the rear ends of each arch, wisdom teeth, which are also referred to as the third molars, typically don't have the necessary room to comfortably emerge, are troublesome to keep in good shape, and might call for removal to preserve overall oral health. These teeth may be impacted (stuck within the gum tissues or bone), misaligned, or not able to emerge properly, resulting in several oral conditions. ByDesign Dental Specialists provides third molar extractions for patients to increase dental wellness and defend against jaw pain and deterioration. When you or a member of your family have problematic or ingrown wisdom teeth, arrange an exam at our King of Prussia, PA office to discover your care options.

What Is the Wisdom Teeth Removal Process?

ByDesign Dental Specialists performs wisdom tooth removals while the patient is under regional anesthesia. However, this treatment might also be done with sedation dentistry services to increase relaxation. The majority of instances of wisdom teeth extraction call for a surgical technique, especially if the teeth are ingrown, have abnormally shaped roots, or are strongly situated in the jawbone. After an incision in the gum tissues has been made to get to the impacted molar, we may section it into parts to allow for a streamlined removal. Based on your personal situation, all four of the wisdom teeth may be removed in a single session. Sutures could be placed to safeguard the extraction regions and help with the recovery period. Our highly experienced dental professionals will offer you post-operative guidelines to adhere to for the next several days.

What Are the Benefits of Wisdom Tooth Extractions?

Extracting wisdom teeth has become more than a dental procedure nowadays; it has become a rite of passage for teens. Wisdom tooth removal often results in shared online video stories of swollen cheeks, post-anesthesia experiences, and eating soft foods for a week. But this procedure goes beyond the dramatic and sometimes funny moments, highlighting valuable advantages for patients with sprouting wisdom teeth, including:

  • Less overcrowding of teeth
  • Minimize the chance of cavities, inflammation, or gum disease
  • Prevent damage or weakening of nearby teeth
  • Relieve pain and pressure, including chronic headaches

Very professional office, Dr. Mogyoros was wonderful with my young daughter who was nervous. Excellent experience! Will be back for my daughter’s wisdom teeth removal.

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Preserve Your Health and Smile

Our dental practitioners are proud to perform wisdom tooth removals to preserve the future comfort of your family's smiles. This advanced dental service is commonly performed for King of Prussia, PA individuals and may be needed if comfortable dental emergence is not likely to occur or different issues are present. For additional information about wisdom tooth extraction, arrange an exam at ByDesign Dental Specialists as soon as you can.

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