Robot Assisted Dental Surgery

By Design Dental Implant Center now offers Robot Assisted Dental Surgery

Experience the next level of accuracy that only this state-of-the art technology can provide for your dental implants.

By Design Dental Implant Center now offers Yomi Robot-Assisted Dental Surgery. This innovative technology assists the dental surgeon with 3D surgical planning and guided surgical placement of dental implants and allows the most accurate placement of the implant than ever before.

The combination of robotic precision and control with the dental surgeon’s clinical expertise, Yomi in many cases allows for same-day, minimally-invasive flapless dental implant surgery.

By Design Dental the first practice in the tri-state area to use this advanced surgical platform, and is one of only the 4 offices in the country to offer this procedure.

“Yomi state-of-the art dental technology increases my surgical control and helps me provide exceptional patient experiences, including the predictable surgical outcomes and predictable restorations that my patients expect.” – Robert Mogyoros, DMD Oral, Maxillofacial and Implant Surgeon

Yomi Robot-Assisted Dental Surgery features an end-to-end digital surgical experience, including collaborative planning software and surgical guidance.  The dental surgeon is 100% in control during Yomi procedures.