Patient Reviews

Patient Reviews

If you want to improve your dental health with treatments that are customized to surpass your expectations, perhaps we could help. Our exceptionally skilled personnel at ByDesign Dental Specialists are passionate about treating patients throughout King of Prussia, PA with a variety of personal interests and ambitions regarding their dental health. Throughout the years, our practice has had the satisfaction of receiving many endorsements from men and women of all sorts who have witnessed our top-notch care themselves. We encourage you to read over our sizable collection of testimonials and look forward to the results you might achieve when you put your trust in the hands of our staff.

Reviews for Root Canal Therapy Services Near King of Prussia, PA

5.0 Review from S.S. Source: Yelp Apr 15 2021

"For multiple reasons, I had bad teeth. I’ve been going through root canals, implants, & everything in between since my early 20s(48 yo). Covid started & teeth started breaking left and right...Was easy to put off wearing masks...Finally, it got so bad, my dentist recommended looking into an all on 4 / all on x implant procedure. To make a long story short, I did all the research I could & had assessments at about 5 specialists that do this procedure. This was the last place I went. I just liked them the best. I knew before I left I was getting it done here. The staff is very kind & professional. But, this is a drastic procedure - you never know... I had it done about a month ago. The procedure is not that bad. They have the anesthesia figured out - I was never uncomfortable. The recovery afterwards isn’t that bad. More some throbbing or irritation opposed to any real pain.The price is the price. There are a lot of factors that effect costs in healthcare. The reality is,  they are performing a surgical procedure & placing a prosthesis. Costs are no different than any other surgery & having nice looking & functional teeth is priceless. I was assessed & multiple places & honestly DBD’s price was more than fair I felt. Yes, dental insurance sucks, but cash price a joint replacement & see what it costs. This procedure includes many visits & they didn’t ask me for another cent. But your mouth does feel obviously way different after. If your’e looking into this procedure - I recommend these guys. I literally feel like I could chew nuts and bolts now - it’s a radical difference. Plus, everything looks great - it’s amazing to not have to deal with the function & appearance of jacked up teeth. They look perfect & natural. These people are just good at what they do & if you are interested in this procedure (or any implants), as another healthcare professional - I’d highly recommend them."

5.0 Review from Z.M. Source: Google Sep 07 2020

"The following is a synopsis of my INCREDIBLE extraction experience: Please note that i had to remove tooth #19 (molar), it was HORRIBLY fragile because the crown fractured, had decay, and the tooth had a previous root canal on it. So if your tooth isn't this messed up, this process will be a BREEZE!!!!! I have EXTREME anxiety, i'm talking ANNOYING AF- extra shots of novocaine and asking 50 questions based on DAYS of research, etcetera, so if you're like me, this is the review for you. The staff here is highly trained, their resumes are immaculate to say the least! Upon arriving i was welcomed by an upbeat, friendly & diverse team of women at the front desk. Dr. Moore & his assistant Jahleda (excuse me if i spelled here name incorrectly), were PHENOMENAL! Both have a VERY calming presence, their bedside manner is unmatched. They answered all of my questions and never made me feel awkward or embarrassed about anything. When the time came for the procedure Leda told me me EVERYTHING that was going to happen in order and added in a few pleasant jokes along the way. Dr. Moore made sure i was completely numb prior to starting, he then began dosing me with laughing gas until i felt calm enough for him to begin his magic. He had to section my tooth into 3 pieces, remove infected tissue from near the root tip, and place a bone graft into the newly opened socket. They both were so in sync with each-other to the point that they barely spoke during the procedure anything he needed she was already prepared for, item in hand. (Leda is a pro, period) My extraction/bone graft was more complicated than a regular extraction but it still was WAY QUICKER THAN EXPECTED!!! I felt NO pain AT ALL during or after, i'm writing this review 30 hours later with zero swelling, bleeding, pain or soreness. During the extraction you feel a slight pressing in your mouth (as faint as being lightly tapped on the shoulder) but that's it. Ultimately, I met Dr. Moore ONCE prior to my emergency appointment through a virtual consultation, he was so pleasant and knowledgeable that i trusted him during our first inpatient meeting with the most traumatic surgery i've had in my life thus far. I was shocked to see he barely had any reviews because this man's EXPERT performance EXCEEDED my already high expectations. He was meticulous, quick, smart & soooo nice!!!! Is it weird that i'm eager to go back for my implant placement? I've already texted 5 ppl begging them to choose Dr. Moore for their extractions- CHEERS TO DR. MOORE AND HIS TEAM!!!!!"
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