Joe’s Dental Implants

Joe’s Dental Implants

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It was suggested to go to By Design Dental Implant Center by my dentist, who suggested that I needed a dental implant. I had to have a tooth extracted because the current filling and the external part of the tooth was not good to put a crown on. So, it had to be extracted and have an implant put in.

This consultation was very quick, efficient, detail oriented. They basically talked to me about what the initial plan was, how the course of treatment was going to do, and post-op management after the surgery and the implant. The procedure went fine, quick. I was out post-op, and my wife and daughter drove me home within an hour after extraction. I took the appropriate medication that was prescribed to me. I came back for a post-op visit, and everything was great. It healed very good.

It feels like a natural tooth. No abutment with the other teeth, no problems with chewing, nothing at all. I’ve known Dr. Thaler roughly, a little over 20 years as a dentist and a prosthodontist, and so when my dentist suggested that I had to have it done, he was the first person I called. I know I can trust Dr. Thaler. My endodontist found an issue when he did films on another part of my dentition, and he suggested I go back and call Jack, Dr. Thaler, to take care of this problem.

They’re very efficient, detail oriented, and quick to come to a solution and give you the whole detail about what’s going to happen from A to Z. I would highly recommend By Design Dental Implant Center in King of Prussia, near Rose Tree Park, PA.

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Kimberly’s Dental Implants

Kimberly’s Dental Implants

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What brought me to By Design Dental Implant Center near Bucks County, PA, was that I had been diagnosed with sickle cell disease, and I saw that my teeth were breaking down at an alarming rate. I started doing some research on the internet because what I was told by a dentist was that I could have all my teeth removed, but I wouldn’t have a smile for three months. I thought, in the times that we’re living, it seemed to me that there should be a better option out there. When I went online, I found a couple of places, but there was one near Philadelphia. That kind of excited me, and I called for a consultation.

When I got here I was greeted by so many warm smiles, so many warm people. I was amazed at how beautiful the office was. Everything was just right. What the dental implants procedure entailed was removing my decaying teeth and basically, putting in teeth that are all-in-one. It’s basically screwed into the jawline. It sounds kind of scary, but I don’t feel anything — I didn’t then, and I don’t now.

My procedure, I was extremely nervous that morning. I was with my family, and I was glad they were here for the support, but they day of the procedure, everyone came in — Dr. Mogyoros, Dr. Thaler, Rand, Pam, and Lindsey. Everyone was so warm, and they reminded me that it’s going to be a breeze, and they were right. It didn’t really hurt that much. Afterwards, I had a little bit of swelling, and I know that individuals have different experiences, but it was nothing. I had a root canal years ago, and that hurt. This did not hurt.

I just met an individual the other day who said to me, “Oh wow. Your mother must have given you a lot of milk. You have the most beautiful teeth I’ve ever seen.” I kind of smiled, and I said, “Oh, thank you.” It has changed a lot. In that confidence, getting my smile back, feeling comfortable with talking to people and not wanting to go, “Oh yes, sure, mhmm.” When I smile now, I can smile. That feels amazing. Just the other day, I actually started to tear up because I just was so thankful.

I have already directed several of my friends to By Design Dental — several of them who are suffering. As a matter of fact, so many of them saw me and said, “Please, hand me a card,” and I have several of them. I’m glad I followed through. And I’m glad — actually, my mother pushed me to follow through because she said, “Don’t give up on it.” I’m glad we didn’t.

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Mike’s Dental Implants

Mike’s Dental Implants

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I had three back surgeries, and the medication that I was on dried my mouth out and caused dental problems. So, I’d seen another dentist before that, and he didn’t help. When I came here, they answered all my questions. They made you feel comfortable within the first five minutes.

I remember coming in, they showed what they would do — the procedure. They showed you a model of the teeth, and they showed you the different colors, the different styles. You met all the different doctors that will be working on you. They explained it from A to B.

I have the All-on-4 on the top, and it’s held in by four screws into your upper jaw. I had no pain the next day. It’s been a year since I’ve had it and not one complaint. If you rub your tongue along it, it feels like your natural teeth. I wish I would have done it sooner, and when I can, I’m going to get it done on the bottom too.

Dr. Thaler was great. He jokes around, makes you feel comfortable and answers all of your questions. Dr. Mogyoros was great as well. If you have any questions about dental implants, if you’re nervous, he’ll calm you down. They’re perfectionists here, they really are. They show you a couple of options of how you can do the payment. CareCredit is what I used; they work with you to find out what’s best for you.

I’d seen another dentist who said they do the same thing, and I’d seen him for two years, and he did nothing. The first day I came here, we got the ball rolling. It’s been a year, and I wish for those two years, I would have come here first. 110%, I would recommend By Design Dental Implant Center near Buckingham, PA.

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Steve’s Dental Implants

Steve’s Dental Implants

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I wanted a change. Technology had advanced to a degree where what was not possible before is now. I wanted to find a vehicle under which I could improve my bite and smile, quality of life.

One of the most difficult things in that process is finding the right place. So finding the right one to me — one I was comfortable with — was one of the most difficult things, I think. What I think may differentiate By Design Dental is — first of all, you come into a room that is not a clinical-type room. You come into a room and an environment that is like a library — it’s like a den. I believe that that kind of reduces your anxiety.

And I think their process is they have a group of very qualified people, starting with Jamie, who will do your evaluation, and they’re going to listen to what you want. “Why are you here? How can we help you?” And then they will go through some evaluations with some very high technical equipment and make some preliminary analysis, saying, “Okay, we’ve done this; we’ve seen this. You may have bone degeneration,” or something that you didn’t even know.

From that, they talk to you. they bring the doctors in — Dr. Thaler will start. They’ll go through to find out: are you a candidate? What would be the best procedure? What options do we have? And then the real process starts when you actually decide what you wanna do.

The technical staff is the perfectionist, and when you’re dealing with your mouth, you like to have someone that’s a perfectionist. You want to go out with the best fit so you’re comfortable. You want to be confident in your smile, and they will not let you go until they’ve served you and made you happy.

I could not be more pleased where I am — I’m almost to the end — and encourage anyone that is thinking about dental implants or other oral surgery that it’s something that you really need to look into. It really can be a life-changing activity and event. Dr. Thaler — if anybody, he is the perfectionist. He’s got a great personality, makes you feel comfortable, impressive, knowledgeable, compassionate individual. The whole team — it’s the doctors, Rand, the administrative staff — they all have been top shelf. Without a doubt, I would recommend By Design Dental Implant Center near Warwick, PA.

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Gabby’s Dental Implants

Gabby’s Dental Implants

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The reason I came to By Design was because all my life I’ve been extremely self-conscious about the way that my mouth looked, the way my teeth were. I had missing and broken teeth. It started around the age of 12, and I remember biting into simple things and my teeth just completely breaking. Before my procedure, I was terrified to come here even though I knew that it was going to be a few-step process.

The first time I came in I was sweating and nervous, and then by the end of the whole procedure, I feel completely comfortable going into the dentist because of the people here. When I came to By Design Dental Implant Center, near Upper Makefield, PA, and the All-on-4 was an option for me, I knew I completely wanted to get it as soon as possible because I knew that it was going to be a huge life-changer. When I had the actual procedure, I had my whole upper teeth taken out, and then the dental implants were placed in the same day. The procedure was very simple. It sounds very complex but at the end of the day it was a 1-2-3 step kind of thing, and it just was pretty easy. My recovery was amazing. I thought I was going to be black and blue and swollen, and I remember waking up the next day and having none of that. I wore ice 24/7 around the clock, so I think that was a big helper.

Dr. Thaler was amazing. The first time I came in for my consultation, I remember meeting with him and just feeling so secure, and I just felt like he knew exactly what he was doing. Dr. Mogyoros was amazing as well. Everyone here just makes you feel so comfortable, and it was a really easy process for me. Rand is awesome. He is such a perfectionist, but it makes everything so much easier. Even the slightest thing, he can notice if something is wrong and fix it within minutes.

My teeth feel exactly like how they are supposed to. I have never once felt like they were fake or even when I’m smiling, or I look at myself in pictures, I don’t even realize that they’re not mine. Before I had the procedure, like I said before, I would cover my mouth all the time. I mean, I am the person who is loud and obnoxious and always smiling, always laughing, and I felt like I couldn’t do that completely because of my smile. After the procedure, my friends ask me all the time, “Do you ever stop smiling? Do you ever stop being happy?” and honestly I can say, “No” because this has completely changed my life, and I know that for the rest of my life, I will be completely happy with myself.

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Doris’ Dental Implants

Doris’ Dental Implants

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A while back, I’d been having trouble with my teeth, and I was afraid of dentists. Because I didn’t take care of my teeth, I developed periodontal disease. My teeth started being loose and falling out, and looking like a picket fence. I wanted something to make my smile like I used to have. So, I did a lot of research, and I found them. I was extremely nervous because I have such a fear of dentists. But as soon as I came here, they put you at ease. You come into the office, and the receptionist, Cathy, she puts you at ease. The building was beautiful, and they explained everything to me. So, it really was very nice.

I had what they call the All-on-4 dental procedure, and I love it. They gave me a nice smile and my confidence. I never have to take them out. You brush your teeth like a normal person brushes their teeth, so you have that convenience. When you’re eating, you don’t have the fear of your teeth falling out. You don’t have the fear of them shifting. I mean, it’s just like having natural teeth. I enjoy them; there’s nothing different.

When I came in here, I was very nervous, but they explained everything to me. Then I went to sleep, and when I woke up, I had these beautiful teeth. And I asked them, I said, “Are you sure you did surgery?” because I had no pain. I could not believe that it was so easy to do because it didn’t hurt. My recovery was awesome too. I had very little or no swelling. They said, like, in three days, you may have some swelling. I had very little swelling. Dr. Thaler, when I first came, he sat down; he explained the whole procedure. They do the X-rays; he goes over the X-rays. He shows you what you’re going to have to have done. He shows you how the dental implants are placed in your gum. He lets you know if you can have it or you can’t have it. I mean, he’s so attentive; he’s so professional and just a wonderful doctor. I couldn’t have had a better doctor. Dr. Mogyoros is excellent as well. When I had my surgery, he comes in here, and he checked me out. They keep a close eye on you. They explain every single thing, pre-op and post-op. You’re never left on your own. Everybody here, they treat you like you’re the only person here in this office, so you couldn’t have better than that.

Life has changed for me because I am a person — I always want to smile, and I had stopped smiling because I didn’t like the way my teeth looked. My confidence is back again. I enjoy laughing and talking. I wish I had done this sooner. If I knew it was going to be like this, I would have been here a long time ago. Nothing comes better than this place, and, like I said, everybody from the door to all of your doctors and your hygienists, everybody works with you and makes you feel comfortable at By Design Dental Implant Center near Lower Makefield, PA.

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Marilyn’s Dental Implants

Marilyn’s Dental Implants

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My upper teeth were not in good shape. I had some crowns, I had some problems on one side of my mouth. It’s a hard decision to make to take all your teeth out — the upper teeth in my case — when some of them are still good, but to get it over with and to get it taken care of hopefully permanently, I think it was the good decision to get dental implants.

The first thing I noticed when I came in was this waiting room, which immediately relaxed me because it’s not like a waiting room, it’s like a sitting room, and it’s lovely. And the staff were very good. Everybody worked to make you feel comfortable. Whatever teeth I had in the upper I had to have removed, and I think the surgeon must have been an artist, because when I woke up, I was fine.

Dr. Thaler is very good and very comprehensive. Dr. Mogyoros was the surgeon who removed my teeth. When I saw him the next day to check up and make sure everything was alright, everything was alright. I did not have pain. He did a wonderful job. My teeth look lovely actually, so it all worked out very well and painless.

I like the looks of my teeth, and I look in the mirror. I see nice white teeth. Nobody who doesn’t know that I did this said anything about, “Your teeth look different.” It’s as if they understand that these are my teeth, and they don’t know the difference, which is fine.

Knowing Rand for a long time and working with Dr. Thaler and the surgeon, I would say come here because they’re really very gentle and very competent, and they make sure that what has to be done gets done. I would definitely recommend By Design Dental Implant Center near Newtown, PA, yes — I certainly would.

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Geoffrey’s Dental Implants

Geoffrey’s Dental Implants

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So, I grew up in the 60’s, and at that time, it was the time of mercury fillings and what have you, which turned out to be very bad. I also developed a grinding problem, and when you grind down, you start getting what they call the bulldog look — the jowls that develop.

So, I was tired of going to dentists where you have one procedure, and then you need to go to another speciality to get another procedure, and so you go backwards and forwards. The ultimate cost of that was astronomical, if I look over time, and the situation was just getting worse over time. I want a permanent solution, and I wanted it done in one sitting, so it could get it over and done with. I researched, and I looked at By Design Dental. Not only did I find they were more cost effective than other providers of the same type of service, but when I came, I really felt at home. People were really friendly. The staff, professional.

I think from coming in, to actually scheduling and having it done, was about three weeks. When you come in in the morning, they put a drip on you, because they’re going to sedate you. The surgeon comes in, and what he actually does is he extracts the teeth. He then places four dental implants in the bottom, and four implants in the top. Before you come in that day, you’ve come in for a four-/five-hour sitting where they really look at your jawline and develop the temporaries that are going to come in, which are then adjusted during the day that you’re here. I didn’t feel any pain whatsoever, and by the end of the day, I had my temporaries fitted, and I was right to go.

I’m bad at remembering names, but let me tell you — all the staff and the two doctors. The surgeon, he is such a perfectionist. He takes his time; he spends hours with you if need be. Overall, the experience has been wonderful. I like the fact that the teeth are anchored. People who have seen my temporary teeth basically say they look like they’re real teeth. By Design Dental Implant Center near Northampton, PA is, in my mind, the best dental practice I have been to in my life.

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Scott’s Dental Implants

Scott’s Dental Implants

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I had had quite a bit of dental work done about 18 years ago. I have had issues with Bruxism, and I grind my teeth. It got to the point where I had some loose crowns. I was having some difficulty eating, and my smile was not the way I wanted it to be. More importantly, and what gave me the push to come here, was my daughter’s wedding. She wanted me to have a beautiful smile for the wedding and walking her down the aisle.

My initial consult was excellent. Everybody was very, very welcoming, very friendly, explained to me what the procedure was going to be. Bottom line, it is upper and lower teeth replacement. It’s a bridge that is mounted on four implants in the lower jaw, four implants in the upper jaw. Once they’re attached to the implants, they’re solid as a rock. I have had no issues whatsoever. Actually, it’s enjoyable to be able to eat again and bite into an apple and just enjoy my food.

All the X-rays were done for free. They just made me feel comfortable with all the information that they were giving me. Dr. Thaler had a consult with me to explain to me what the procedure would be, what would be involved. Dr. Thaler — I want to say his bedside manner — he’s just very comforting when he talks to you. Dr. Mogyoros did a wonderful job. He was very nice, and he let me know exactly what was going to happen during the entire procedure.

Working with Rand is great. He’s a perfectionist, and you can tell he’s a perfectionist, and he loves what he’s doing. Everybody has really been like family here, honestly. I went into the office, got here about 8 o’clock in the morning. They prepared me, put me to sleep, and next thing I know, I was waking up, and the procedure was done. I felt no discomfort whatsoever. Honestly, the doctor gave me a prescription for pain medicine, but I didn’t even need to use that.

Within two or three days, I was able to eat solid food, so it was really, really a wonderful experience. Actually, it’s better now than it has ever been, so it’s really amazing, this procedure. And for me, it was extremely comfortable, it really was. I’m so glad that I did it, and my daughter was extremely happy, and everybody has commented how wonderful my smile looks.

I would just like to say that I really appreciate this opportunity to talk to other patients that are considering this procedure. It really can be life-changing, and the expense is well worth what’s going to happen in your life. Come here to By Design Dental Implant Center, near Upper Providence, PA. I have nothing but good things to say about them. Really, if I had it to do over again, I’d do it in a second.

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Patrick’s Dental Implants

Patrick’s Dental Implants

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I had gotten to a point where I was no longer smiling because I was self-conscious about the way my teeth looked. Well, the initial consultation was very friendly. They spoke to me about the possibilities that I could look forward to. The process goes to taking all of my teeth out and replacing it with dental implants. I was afraid of pain — pain associated with dental procedures. I was always apprehensive about that in the past, so I was naturally afraid not knowing what to expect, but it turned out fantastic.

The initial surgery went so well I had no idea it was done when it was done, and as you can see, the end result was fabulous. It was very painless — no pain whatsoever — and they ushered me through the entire procedure without any problems at all. I was able to talk practically right after the procedure.

These implants are there. They’re permanent. They’re my teeth. They’re permanently affixed, and I can do everything that I ordinarily do with my regular teeth. I brush my teeth the same in the morning, and I do the same things that I would ordinarily do, and I don’t feel any difference at all. That’s surprising to me as well. I expected I would feel something foreign in my mouth and something wouldn’t be right, but no, I don’t have that at all. I can smile again. I smile a lot.

From day one, they treated me like family, and I love these guys. They’re beautiful people. Wonderful staff. Very welcoming when I come. It’s like I’m coming home when I come here. Like I said, the entire procedure was fantastic, and I would recommend it to anybody. Come to By Design Dental Implant Center near Rose Valley, PA.

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