Terri’s Dental Implants

Terri’s Dental Implants

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All my life, I’ve been stressed out about losing teeth and having soft teeth, and they told me that it would just get worse because there wasn’t anything I could do because they were soft. My bones were good, my gums were good, but the teeth were soft, and I felt like I was just stressed — since 8th grade, I’ve been stressed because I had been hit in the face with a baseball, and I had to have a big cap put on one tooth and then it just seemed like it was progressively slowly going downhill no matter what I did.

And I think I’ve spent close to two houses — if I could have bought two houses — on my teeth over the years since I’ve been little. I was getting — I had a partial, and then my other dentist wanted to do some implants and had never done them before, and I was a little nervous about that, and then he told me one price and it was another, and it was going to take a year to do two. And I thought, “This is ridiculous. I feel like that commercial where the guy had never worked on a transmission before.”

I called By Design Dental and made an appointment, and I talked to Jamie, and they said the first appointment would take an hour, and I could not think of why I would be sitting there for an hour and this was going to be hard, and maybe they were going to try and hard sell me, and they weren’t at all. Jamie was so informative and so thorough. The research I did here, and the more I talk, and more x-rays, and they’re explaining to me what they wanted to do, exactly what I thought I needed, I could do it now, or I could do it a year from now; it’s my decision. I talked to my husband, and we figured out a way to do this.

The hardest thing was is thinking, “Oh my God, I’m taking all the teeth out of the top of my mouth; I’m going to look like Gabby Hayes,” and I thought, “I can’t think about it that way. It’ll be a permanent structure in my mouth, it’s screwed in, it’s not coming out.” And these people were gentle, they were thorough. They told me what was going to happen, and it did. And I probably surprised them by healing as fast as I did, and I wish I had done this 10 years ago, but I think I was too scared, and maybe younger, and kept thinking there was a better way; I didn’t know about this way.

Yeah, now I have the permanent teeth in there, and I don’t slur anything when I talk, and I don’t even know they’re there, can eat anything I want. I’m very happy with the process, and I’m very happy with the doctors. Everybody here is terrific; I just want to take them all home with me. They are so nice. I smile now! I kept my mouth shut before.

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