Susan’s Dental Implants

Susan’s Dental Implants

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My former dentist, who I adore, had given me some options about dental implants, and they were one-at-a-time, and I would be without a tooth for a whole year for each tooth that was going to be put in my mouth, and to me that wasn’t an option. I’m 58 years old; I don’t have 100 years left, so I wanted my smile back as fast as possible.

A friend of mine – actually a client of mine’s husband — came here, and I saw some “befores” and heard some stories and was quite interested and came to discover what it was about. I was extremely frightened, yes, and I remember them explaining to me. I thought, “Of course, I’m going to be a nightmare,” and “What if my gums or bones didn’t accept something?” He goes, “Well, there’s always plan b,” and they have a second option, so I was so comfortable.

I’m actually on a program that is interest-free for two years, and it’s not even a year yet, and it’s almost paid off. The doctors are great; they make me laugh. I think I make them laugh — you never know what’s going to come out of my mouth, so I have the whole place going. Dr. Thaler — well, he’s always happy, kind of like me. He first asked if there was any concerns as he wheels up on his little stool there, and the girls usually have everything set and ready, and we chat for a minute, and it’s wonderful. It’s really like – he does do the business part first to make sure there’s no complaints or issues that I may have.

So I prepared for 3 days and had somebody come stay with me because I live alone and took off of work, and honestly, it was fun. I mean, after I slept it off the first day, I had lots of ice cream and all kinds of soft foods; that was kind of weird at first, but it was no problem at all. I took basically Advil; believe it or not, it was not at all painful. I was quite surprised. I would totally recommend By Design; I swear by them, trust me.

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