Steve’s Dental Implants

Steve’s Dental Implants

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I wanted a change. Technology had advanced to a degree where what was not possible before is now. I wanted to find a vehicle under which I could improve my bite and smile, quality of life.

One of the most difficult things in that process is finding the right place. So finding the right one to me — one I was comfortable with — was one of the most difficult things, I think. What I think may differentiate By Design Dental is — first of all, you come into a room that is not a clinical-type room. You come into a room and an environment that is like a library — it’s like a den. I believe that that kind of reduces your anxiety.

And I think their process is they have a group of very qualified people, starting with Jamie, who will do your evaluation, and they’re going to listen to what you want. “Why are you here? How can we help you?” And then they will go through some evaluations with some very high technical equipment and make some preliminary analysis, saying, “Okay, we’ve done this; we’ve seen this. You may have bone degeneration,” or something that you didn’t even know.

From that, they talk to you. they bring the doctors in — Dr. Thaler will start. They’ll go through to find out: are you a candidate? What would be the best procedure? What options do we have? And then the real process starts when you actually decide what you wanna do.

The technical staff is the perfectionist, and when you’re dealing with your mouth, you like to have someone that’s a perfectionist. You want to go out with the best fit so you’re comfortable. You want to be confident in your smile, and they will not let you go until they’ve served you and made you happy.

I could not be more pleased where I am — I’m almost to the end — and encourage anyone that is thinking about dental implants or other oral surgery that it’s something that you really need to look into. It really can be a life-changing activity and event. Dr. Thaler — if anybody, he is the perfectionist. He’s got a great personality, makes you feel comfortable, impressive, knowledgeable, compassionate individual. The whole team — it’s the doctors, Rand, the administrative staff — they all have been top shelf. Without a doubt, I would recommend By Design Dental Implant Center near Warwick, PA.

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