Scott’s Dental Implants

Scott’s Dental Implants

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I had had quite a bit of dental work done about 18 years ago. I have had issues with Bruxism, and I grind my teeth. It got to the point where I had some loose crowns. I was having some difficulty eating, and my smile was not the way I wanted it to be. More importantly, and what gave me the push to come here, was my daughter’s wedding. She wanted me to have a beautiful smile for the wedding and walking her down the aisle.

My initial consult was excellent. Everybody was very, very welcoming, very friendly, explained to me what the procedure was going to be. Bottom line, it is upper and lower teeth replacement. It’s a bridge that is mounted on four implants in the lower jaw, four implants in the upper jaw. Once they’re attached to the implants, they’re solid as a rock. I have had no issues whatsoever. Actually, it’s enjoyable to be able to eat again and bite into an apple and just enjoy my food.

All the X-rays were done for free. They just made me feel comfortable with all the information that they were giving me. Dr. Thaler had a consult with me to explain to me what the procedure would be, what would be involved. Dr. Thaler — I want to say his bedside manner — he’s just very comforting when he talks to you. Dr. Mogyoros did a wonderful job. He was very nice, and he let me know exactly what was going to happen during the entire procedure.

Working with Rand is great. He’s a perfectionist, and you can tell he’s a perfectionist, and he loves what he’s doing. Everybody has really been like family here, honestly. I went into the office, got here about 8 o’clock in the morning. They prepared me, put me to sleep, and next thing I know, I was waking up, and the procedure was done. I felt no discomfort whatsoever. Honestly, the doctor gave me a prescription for pain medicine, but I didn’t even need to use that.

Within two or three days, I was able to eat solid food, so it was really, really a wonderful experience. Actually, it’s better now than it has ever been, so it’s really amazing, this procedure. And for me, it was extremely comfortable, it really was. I’m so glad that I did it, and my daughter was extremely happy, and everybody has commented how wonderful my smile looks.

I would just like to say that I really appreciate this opportunity to talk to other patients that are considering this procedure. It really can be life-changing, and the expense is well worth what’s going to happen in your life. Come here to By Design Dental Implant Center, near Upper Providence, PA. I have nothing but good things to say about them. Really, if I had it to do over again, I’d do it in a second.

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