Patrick’s Dental Implants

Patrick’s Dental Implants

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I had gotten to a point where I was no longer smiling because I was self-conscious about the way my teeth looked. Well, the initial consultation was very friendly. They spoke to me about the possibilities that I could look forward to. The process goes to taking all of my teeth out and replacing it with dental implants. I was afraid of pain — pain associated with dental procedures. I was always apprehensive about that in the past, so I was naturally afraid not knowing what to expect, but it turned out fantastic.

The initial surgery went so well I had no idea it was done when it was done, and as you can see, the end result was fabulous. It was very painless — no pain whatsoever — and they ushered me through the entire procedure without any problems at all. I was able to talk practically right after the procedure.

These implants are there. They’re permanent. They’re my teeth. They’re permanently affixed, and I can do everything that I ordinarily do with my regular teeth. I brush my teeth the same in the morning, and I do the same things that I would ordinarily do, and I don’t feel any difference at all. That’s surprising to me as well. I expected I would feel something foreign in my mouth and something wouldn’t be right, but no, I don’t have that at all. I can smile again. I smile a lot.

From day one, they treated me like family, and I love these guys. They’re beautiful people. Wonderful staff. Very welcoming when I come. It’s like I’m coming home when I come here. Like I said, the entire procedure was fantastic, and I would recommend it to anybody. Come to By Design Dental Implant Center near Rose Valley, PA.

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