Norman’s Dental Implants

Norman’s Dental Implants

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I’d exhausted all avenues I had for dental work. I had bridges; I had everything. So I had a good friend who’s a dentist, and he says, “You should look into dental implants.” One of the things that was my concern was the cost. But when I looked at the product—and there was some other people who had work done here—and everyone seemed to be really happy with the results.

When I came here and I went around the facilities, and each step-by-step-by-step is explained to you, from the lab work, from the imaging that they do with your mouth, from every step along the way, you’re informed on what’s happening, and all the anxiety is relieved. So the process of healing becomes simple. Later on, after the initial one, there really isn’t much pain. I mean, you have to adjust to your implants; that happens. I kid with my wife, I have to practice smiling; I had stopped smiling. Not that I consciously stopped smiling, I just didn’t smile, and it became how it was for me. Then, when I got my temporaries, people would say how well they looked; in fact, most people were amazed that they were temporaries.

There’s a lot involved in making a choice to have your teeth removed and a whole other set—I have upper and lowers—and it seems totally radical. It seems, like, beyond what you would think; it’s like bionic. By Design here just has a design that works; I can call them up, I can come here, I can get adjusted, I can get a cleanse. You find something that works, and it’s good, and you want to share that with other people. They have this wonderful 3D machine that scopes you out for the process, and once that started, I realized I was committed to this; this was something that I was committed to for my own life, for my own wellbeing, for how I felt. And there was no place where I was sold on anything except what I was actually looking to get for myself, and that was a very important process for me here.

I wanted to be able to smile; I wanted to be able to feel comfortable. I actually wanted to be able to chew food that I hadn’t been chewing, and all that has taken place. People always say to me, “Where’d you get it done?” I got this work done at By Design Dental. Would I recommend it? Yes, of course, I would recommend it. I’m really happy, other people are happy, my wife’s happy, my kids are happy. And now I’m still practicing smiling.

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