Marlene’s Dental Implants

Marlene’s Dental Implants

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I was told that my bones in my upper and lower mouth were disintegrating, and my teeth were loose, and I had 2 options: one was to either get dentures, or implants. Dentures were not even a consideration because I certainly did not want to take my teeth out daily, and then, of course, there’s implants. My vanity said that when I smiled, I wanted it to look like it was my teeth, and since I’m a teacher in front of children all day, I didn’t want anyone making fun of me.

So I was recommended by my neighborhood dentist about Dr. Mogyoros, and I went to visit him, and that is the beginning of my new life, my new smile, my new face. Cost was a very, very big factor; Dr. Mogyoros was very kind, I was able to pay it out, and this lessened the burden of me worrying about money. No one enjoys having cavities filled and getting shots of Novocaine, but again, as you get older, you realize certain things are a necessary.

I have to tell you, they did something that was unheard of. One of my initial appointments, which was a long one, and I was here many hours, one of the staff said, “I’m going to go out and get you some frozen custard so you can take a break and eat something, you’ve been sitting in that chair for hours.” Where do you get people that think of me, respect my time, that my time is valuable, respect my comfort level? Many times you go to a doctor and you sit there for hours and spend five minutes with the physician.

When I met Dr. Mogyoros, I saw this very young, handsome man and I thought, “Oh no, they’re giving me the kid to work on me because I’m a new patient.” I was so wrong. He is caring and wonderful, has a beautiful sense of humor, and he can lighten up if I would get nervous, he would just make me relaxed. He would tell me a joke. It’s gotten to the point where I consider Dr. Mogyoros my friend.

What I appreciate about Dr. Mogyoros is he would call in Rand from the lab, and he would say to him, “Look how she does this, look how she says this. Make sure that when you make her teeth, that this is noticeable, and this is not noticeable.” He totally cared about my appearance. I want to add that Dr. Thaler and Dr. Mogyoros both worked so diligently on my mouth. They made sure that my speech was not affected; they made sure that my smile was normal, my gum level was correct. I never saw two people so interested in my mouth as they were that they tried so hard to make everything perfect, and they succeeded.

I cannot say I was ever in pain—uncomfortable a little bit—but never in pain. I eat corn on the cob, I can bite into chicken, I can actually take a bite of an apple and do not have to cut it in pieces. Here I have three excellent technicians working on me simultaneously, and this is the picture, my teeth. Visit By Design Dental Implant Center in Delaware County, PA.

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