Marilyn’s Dental Implants

Marilyn’s Dental Implants

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My upper teeth were not in good shape. I had some crowns, I had some problems on one side of my mouth. It’s a hard decision to make to take all your teeth out — the upper teeth in my case — when some of them are still good, but to get it over with and to get it taken care of hopefully permanently, I think it was the good decision to get dental implants.

The first thing I noticed when I came in was this waiting room, which immediately relaxed me because it’s not like a waiting room, it’s like a sitting room, and it’s lovely. And the staff were very good. Everybody worked to make you feel comfortable. Whatever teeth I had in the upper I had to have removed, and I think the surgeon must have been an artist, because when I woke up, I was fine.

Dr. Thaler is very good and very comprehensive. Dr. Mogyoros was the surgeon who removed my teeth. When I saw him the next day to check up and make sure everything was alright, everything was alright. I did not have pain. He did a wonderful job. My teeth look lovely actually, so it all worked out very well and painless.

I like the looks of my teeth, and I look in the mirror. I see nice white teeth. Nobody who doesn’t know that I did this said anything about, “Your teeth look different.” It’s as if they understand that these are my teeth, and they don’t know the difference, which is fine.

Knowing Rand for a long time and working with Dr. Thaler and the surgeon, I would say come here because they’re really very gentle and very competent, and they make sure that what has to be done gets done. I would definitely recommend By Design Dental Implant Center near Newtown, PA, yes — I certainly would.

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