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Hi, Lou Netta from West Chester, Pennsylvania. I came here to By Design. Actually my wife saw an ad in our local paper, The Daily Local, and she looked into it because I had no upper teeth. I had like three teeth on this side and two on this side and that had been a number of years. I guess she was getting tired of it too. I didn’t want to be in pictures or nothing. I couldn’t eat what I love. She called and made the appointment. We came in here and had a talk with one of the representatives. He explained everything. It was really cool. I was apprehensive at the start to be honest with you, but the way he explained it and all because I had a terrible fear of dentists. My problem was just neglect of my teeth because I had this unearthly fear of dentists and I met the dentist here and the rep I met the same day and I just was so comfortable with them I just went ahead and my wife and I thought maybe it would just be a partial on the bottom and a couple things on top, but they explained the situation and my wife and I talked. They were very good and gave us an idea of everything and I was really comfortable with it so we went home and talked about it and decided, “Let’s go for it.” These people here were outstanding. I loved every minute of talking to them, learning about it from the front desk person, techs, dentists, doctors. It was great.

I have this great fear of pain. I came in and it was a one day situation and we decided on doing the uppers and the lowers. I came in the day of the surgery. I came in early in the morning. I was nervous, but went in there. They had to pull the lower teeth and all and that was so easy and I was partially asleep. I didn’t even feel anything. It was great. Then they went ahead and put the studs in the mouth. Afterwards I went into a room there where you sit in a nice comfortable chair and they do slushies and all, which was right in my wheelhouse. I was diabetic and had heart surgery a few years before and they checked with all the doctors and the whole bit, but it was so painless. I stayed there. You stay in a whole day. Then my wife came to pick me up and they brought her in because I had the teeth in already. She couldn’t believe it. She almost dropped. I wish she was here. I mean it was funny and thanks to her coaxing is why we decided to do it, but it was something that day and they gave you pain pills. “If you have pain or if anything goes wrong, you call us anytime.” Went home, never filled the prescription for the pain pills, which shocked me. I didn’t need anything.

Next day I was eating like they said, the soft foods, slushies and whatnot, mashed potatoes. It was outstanding. I mean no pain whatsoever, which shocked me. If I had known it was going to be that easy I would have went a lot sooner. I mean no pain. No discomfort either. Then I started eating chicken because I love my chicken. It’s embarrassing to eat chicken. I love chicken legs and you pull it apart and you can’t really eat steak or corn on the cob, which I’m addicted to. I couldn’t eat that because I had no teeth, but after a few months, I took it easy like they said and I cheated a couple of times and had corn, but I could eat corn on the cob. Even family once they saw me because nobody knew I was having this done, they couldn’t believe it. They were wondering what was new with me. Even my brother. He couldn’t believe the difference. My kids loved it because I was smiling a lot more, didn’t mind pictures and like I said, I loved eating my corn on the cob, my steak and all the stuff I couldn’t eat.

I tell you in all honesty, the people here from the front desk people through the techs, everybody was outstanding. The dentist, he was great to me. The follow up was unbelievable. They would call me at home to check in. “How do you feel? Is everything alright? Do you have any discomfort? If you do come in.” I didn’t have, knock on wood, I didn’t have any problem through all this and it still shocks me and I don’t feel them in my mouth and the reason I couldn’t wear denture plates is because I have a gag reflex and I thought this would be the same thing. Nothing. It feels like my own. I forget they’re in there.

It’s nice to get up and brush my teeth instead of taking them out and dropping them in a jar. It was outstanding and I tell all my friends that are having problems, they’re embarrassed because I was. I always looked miserable, I’ll admit it. Now it’s fun to laugh, kid around and I’m not even afraid to talk because when you talk your mouth is open and people notice that. I looked about twenty years older than I am and it was just a great change. My wife, like I said, the expression on her face after we had it all done was unbelievable, unbelievable. She couldn’t believe it was me.

I can’t say enough about this place. I wish I could find the right words to tell you about these people. No pain, I could eat, it was just a really fascinating experience. I mean nobody feared dentists more than me. I’m serious. I was terrible with dentists. I wouldn’t want to see one. I would almost pass out if I knew I had to go. I even hated to go when I had dentures and I went through so many dentures trying to find the right fit. It was never there. Come here if you want to live happy, do stuff you wanted to do, you eat what you want. Go this way. Don’t suffer like I did for so many years. I was ridiculous. I could kick myself.

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