Lisa’s Dental Implants

Lisa’s Dental Implants

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I have had medical problems my whole life, and I’ve been on a lot of different medications which did a number on my teeth. In the last year and a half, I broke the very first tooth in the front; I cracked the other two about four away. I was missing a tooth, and then I had a broken crown, so I was down five teeth. My dentist refused to give me dentures. The tooth that broke in the front, my dentist sent me to an oral surgeon, and I got a post to get an implant. A month later, the tooth three teeth away from that broke and then a month later, the one on the other side broke, and the implants were so expensive, and if I measure the cost of all the implants that I would need, it really wasn’t cost-efficient.

I saw the commercial for By Design on television, got so excited, and I checked them out online, I loved everything, I made an appointment right away. They told me that they have a two-year, 0% interest company, and that is perfect for me. It was really affordable; my husband was happy with that. I was worried about the pain, but I knew they do anesthesia—they do Novocaine. Dr. Mogyoros was fabulous because he…my mother was very impressed that he was very concerned about my medical situation and doing the procedure in an office instead of a hospital. But after we did testing and everything, my mother was—and my husband—they felt so much better knowing that the doctors here cared enough to make sure everything was okay before they would do the procedure.

He was willing to work with me in the chair and everything, and he was just so knowledgeable about everything, my medications and how they affected my teeth and gums and everything. He’s just so knowledgeable and works so well with the other doctors; it was just wonderful around. They were willing to work with me to make it as comfortable as possible, and they were wonderful about making sure I was okay, every few minutes they check, and they updated my family like every ten minutes. It was only one day of pain, as opposed to getting an implant here, an implant there, it just wouldn’t be worth it pain-wise.

I am thrilled with the end result on this. I can’t be happier. I tell everybody everywhere I go that this is the place; it’s an immediate gratification. Everything is done beautifully, everybody worked together, and the office is the best office in the world. Everybody is so nice. By Design is the best office; I am so glad I found them, and once I came to my consultation and met everybody, my mind was made up. This was definitely the place to go. I tell everybody they are so wonderful here. I love the staff; I said when I come back, I said, “Jamie has given me so much good information about how to take care of my teeth. I would just work here if I could,” I said. Because these are like my new extended family. The people are so wonderful here.

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