Joe’s Dental Implants

Joe’s Dental Implants

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It was suggested to go to By Design Dental Implant Center by my dentist, who suggested that I needed a dental implant. I had to have a tooth extracted because the current filling and the external part of the tooth was not good to put a crown on. So, it had to be extracted and have an implant put in.

This consultation was very quick, efficient, detail oriented. They basically talked to me about what the initial plan was, how the course of treatment was going to do, and post-op management after the surgery and the implant. The procedure went fine, quick. I was out post-op, and my wife and daughter drove me home within an hour after extraction. I took the appropriate medication that was prescribed to me. I came back for a post-op visit, and everything was great. It healed very good.

It feels like a natural tooth. No abutment with the other teeth, no problems with chewing, nothing at all. I’ve known Dr. Thaler roughly, a little over 20 years as a dentist and a prosthodontist, and so when my dentist suggested that I had to have it done, he was the first person I called. I know I can trust Dr. Thaler. My endodontist found an issue when he did films on another part of my dentition, and he suggested I go back and call Jack, Dr. Thaler, to take care of this problem.

They’re very efficient, detail oriented, and quick to come to a solution and give you the whole detail about what’s going to happen from A to Z. I would highly recommend By Design Dental Implant Center in King of Prussia, near Rose Tree Park, PA.

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