Jeri’s Dental Implants

Jeri’s Dental Implants

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I came to By Design because I was in desperation of having something done with my teeth. I never had any fear about going to the dentist because I’ve been to the dentist so many times in my life. When I was 12, I got my braces off, and after that, all I had was decay. Every time I went to the dentist, every six months, I’d have more decay. Well, in time, it got so bad it also affected my front teeth.

I actually saw the procedure on a sign in Dr. Mogyoros’ office when I had my daughter there to have her wisdom teeth extracted. For 28 teeth on the top, that’s an awful lot of implants, it’s an awful lot of time, and it’s an awful lot of money. But in comparison to the cost of the dental implants for 28 teeth, it was certainly much, much better. I thought, “Well, I’ll talk to my dentist about it, and we’ll get started.”

So my regular dentist agreed with me, and I met with Dr. Mogyoros; it was like he was a brother to me. When he looked at all my X-rays, and he was talking about what he could do for me, it almost looked like he was having the problem himself because he was so sincere. He was very warm and empathetic and caring, and he just wanted me to be happy and understand what I was going to have done to me.

Dr. Thaler is also a wonderful, wonderful, kind man with a very gentle touch. He was very patient to make sure that everything was all even, to make sure that my bite was good, that there were no rough spots, and that I was 100% comfortable. And I really appreciated that because he never rushed me, and he answered all my questions, and he happens to be one of the nicest dentists I’ve ever met. Rand from the lab, he works really, really hard with you, making sure that your teeth are the way you want them to be, and your smile is the way you want your smile to be.

The procedure itself really wasn’t bad; it wasn’t bad at all. Dr. Mogyoros said I would never leave his office without teeth in my mouth, so that put me at ease right away. I would recommend this procedure, not to be apprehensive about it because the result is exactly what you’re going to want. I would recommend By Design; for me, it was like a miracle for me. If I had another 28 teeth, I would come back again, but thankfully, I don’t.

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