Geoffrey’s Dental Implants

Geoffrey’s Dental Implants

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So, I grew up in the 60’s, and at that time, it was the time of mercury fillings and what have you, which turned out to be very bad. I also developed a grinding problem, and when you grind down, you start getting what they call the bulldog look — the jowls that develop.

So, I was tired of going to dentists where you have one procedure, and then you need to go to another speciality to get another procedure, and so you go backwards and forwards. The ultimate cost of that was astronomical, if I look over time, and the situation was just getting worse over time. I want a permanent solution, and I wanted it done in one sitting, so it could get it over and done with. I researched, and I looked at By Design Dental. Not only did I find they were more cost effective than other providers of the same type of service, but when I came, I really felt at home. People were really friendly. The staff, professional.

I think from coming in, to actually scheduling and having it done, was about three weeks. When you come in in the morning, they put a drip on you, because they’re going to sedate you. The surgeon comes in, and what he actually does is he extracts the teeth. He then places four dental implants in the bottom, and four implants in the top. Before you come in that day, you’ve come in for a four-/five-hour sitting where they really look at your jawline and develop the temporaries that are going to come in, which are then adjusted during the day that you’re here. I didn’t feel any pain whatsoever, and by the end of the day, I had my temporaries fitted, and I was right to go.

I’m bad at remembering names, but let me tell you — all the staff and the two doctors. The surgeon, he is such a perfectionist. He takes his time; he spends hours with you if need be. Overall, the experience has been wonderful. I like the fact that the teeth are anchored. People who have seen my temporary teeth basically say they look like they’re real teeth. By Design Dental Implant Center near Northampton, PA is, in my mind, the best dental practice I have been to in my life.

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