Read Elizabeth’s Story

My name is Elizabeth and I live in Philadelphia and at this point I am at By Design Dental. I had a severe dental situation. As a child I lost five or six molars. The molars were not replaced and as a result I had empty space on my right side and as a result the top teeth fell into the empty space, which means in time the top teeth were eventually touching my bottom gum. The right side of my mouth was useless let’s say for fifty years. I could not eat there. I had to eat on the left side. I knew as time went on that something would have to be done about it, but I guess I just waited until it was critical. My dentist kept saying “Elizabeth, you’re going to have to do something about this.”. Since my work would have been so extensive, he recommended me to Dr. Mogyoros and his staff. Since Dr. Mogyoros had done thousands of these he felt more confident that Dr. Mogyoros would do a fine job and I must say he did.

I visited Dr. Mogyoros’ office and the staff was very courteous, competent, and knowledgeable. All of my questions were answered. I was still scared and as a result, I really delayed the process for a year. My situation did not get better and so a year later it was worse. I made up my mind to go back to Dr. Mogyoros’ office. I did so and made arrangements to have the procedure done. I must say when I visited Dr. Mogyoros’ office I was shocked. It didn’t look, smell, or feel like a dentist’s office. Sometimes you go to the dentist and you feel intimidated right away. You hear the drills, you smell the medications that are being administered to other patients. You don’t get that feeling at all in this office. It was very relaxed and I felt good about going to the dentist.

The staff took me back, answered my questions, filled me in step by step of what would happen. I was concerned about how long it would take. “Is this going to take a year or six months?” They said “no, 100 days”. I was shocked because I did not want to walk around looking snaggle toothed or looking unattractive and as a result, I made arrangements to have the procedure done. We had more than one session as a conference, but when we made up our mind to have the procedure done, I came in one morning. The staff took me back. Theprocedure was done in several hours. Would you believe they fed me? I could eat right after the procedure and by that afternoon by the time I left if you did not know that I had dental work done, if I didn’t tell you, you wouldn’t have known.

I thought it would be a horror story. I thought it would be painful and scary. I’m not going to say I wasn’t nervous; I was, but I kept waiting for that painful visit. when I would go to the dentist and it never happened. When I would go for my checkups, they were very kind, careful, asked me how I felt, any problems. Everything went fine. I must say it went faster and smoother than I had expected and they continue to map my progress. I can call any time I want. I haven’t had any problems really. I’ve been very satisfied with the results that I have. When I tell my friends what I’ve done, they can’t believe it. When I go to work, my office manager, she says “Elizabeth, when are you going to have your permanents?” and I said “They’re in”. She said “That was fast.” Less than three months and I’m done and when I come to the office and I see patients waiting, I’ll say to them “Who is the patient?” and they’ll tell me who it is and I’ll just say “Don’t worry. You’ll be fine.” I try to be encouraging to others that I see waiting in the office.

I would certainly recommend this to anyone. The fact that it was all under one roof was a great relief to me because otherwise I would have to go back and forth from one dentist to the other, one for the implants and one for the prosthetics. The fact that it was all under one roof was such a relief because running back and forth from dentist to dentist would have been very stressful, so I appreciated that. The staff, they all knew my case and worked with me and answered my questions. I’m very pleased.

Prior to having my dental procedure, knowing that my teeth were out of line, notable to eat properly, knowing when I smiled others could see the fact that this side of my mouth was hanging, even though they would never say anything, I knew they were hanging because I had seen the same situation in the mouths of other people. It doesn’t add to your confidence. In fact, it lessens your confidence. It makes you want to smile less. Very self-conscious, even when people would take my pictures, I would get the pictures or video and I would always be self-conscious about that side of my mouth where the teeth were hanging. It was a very uncomfortable situation. It makes you lose your confidence really so you don’t smile as much as you would or as large as you would like to because you think that other people are staring at your smile. Smiles make a very big impression. First impressions last the longest. I like people and I like for people to like me, even though it’s not a matter of looks, but I would like to present the best image that I could and the fact that my smile was not healthy, I didn’t feel as good about myself as I could have. Now I smile big and I enjoy it.

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