Eartha’s Dental Implants

Eartha’s Dental Implants

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I had already had two implants in that were done the traditional way, and then I found out that this healing process is way quicker than the traditional one. As a college professor, I did a lot of research before I came here. One of the reasons I came here was because when I talked to my primary care dentist, she had known all of the doctors – Dr. Thaler, she knew Rand Jaslow, she knew Dr. Mogyoros – and so she recommended them, so that’s what made me interested. I knew what the cost was going to be; I knew the ballpark of the cost. There were other ways I could mitigate the cost, for example if I had decided to do some dental tourism, that would have made up for it. But to me that didn’t make a lot of sense because I wanted the follow-up in case something happens.

What bothered me more was that it would be more surgically intrusive like into my sinuses or hitting nerves or something like that. That was my big fear, and before we even got started, Dr. Mogyoros took an x-ray, he saw where everything was, he showed me where all of the dental implants would go, where he would be working, and he put that fear aside pretty quickly. First day we got here, he let me know that we wouldn’t have any of those kinds of problems.

Oh, the staff was great – you were old friends the moment you walked in the door. Dr. Mogyoros knows what he’s doing; he has an extensive background in what he does, and as I said before my primary care dentist knew of him and recommended him highly as well. Dr. Thaler was good, too. As he was cataloguing my teeth, what were already in there, he was describing what was in my mouth, and then I told him who my dentist was, he actually knew what procedure she used, what techniques she used. He was able to call out those by name, and it surprised me that they knew each other and that they’re so well known by each other. Dr. Thaler has a very calming manner. He seems quite knowledgeable as well.

Probably the biggest deciding factor of me coming here was talking to Rand. When I sat and talked with Rand, I discovered that he had the procedure as well, so it gave me confidence that I was doing the right thing, that I was doing a reputable thing. He sat down and talked with me, and it made me feel as if they weren’t doing this to me, they were doing it with me. I don’t know, there was something about their procedure that was just smoother. It wasn’t as abrupt; even coming out of it, I wasn’t as groggy, so whatever sedation technique they used seemed to ease me in and ease me out pretty well.

Even with the provisional dentures, I’m better than what I was before I had the operation, before I had the oral surgery. I can eat things I couldn’t eat, I look a lot better, my hygiene is better. What is it that you’re afraid of? Are you afraid of the pain? There is none. If you’re afraid of the price, it’s not cheap, but if you’re not spending it on your health, what are you spending it on? Do yourself a favor and get this done. It’s easier to groom, it’s easier to eat, all of those things come through. If you live in this area, near Wrightstown, PA, you have to check these people out.

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