Doris’ Dental Implants

Doris’ Dental Implants

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A while back, I’d been having trouble with my teeth, and I was afraid of dentists. Because I didn’t take care of my teeth, I developed periodontal disease. My teeth started being loose and falling out, and looking like a picket fence. I wanted something to make my smile like I used to have. So, I did a lot of research, and I found them. I was extremely nervous because I have such a fear of dentists. But as soon as I came here, they put you at ease. You come into the office, and the receptionist, Cathy, she puts you at ease. The building was beautiful, and they explained everything to me. So, it really was very nice.

I had what they call the All-on-4 dental procedure, and I love it. They gave me a nice smile and my confidence. I never have to take them out. You brush your teeth like a normal person brushes their teeth, so you have that convenience. When you’re eating, you don’t have the fear of your teeth falling out. You don’t have the fear of them shifting. I mean, it’s just like having natural teeth. I enjoy them; there’s nothing different.

When I came in here, I was very nervous, but they explained everything to me. Then I went to sleep, and when I woke up, I had these beautiful teeth. And I asked them, I said, “Are you sure you did surgery?” because I had no pain. I could not believe that it was so easy to do because it didn’t hurt. My recovery was awesome too. I had very little or no swelling. They said, like, in three days, you may have some swelling. I had very little swelling. Dr. Thaler, when I first came, he sat down; he explained the whole procedure. They do the X-rays; he goes over the X-rays. He shows you what you’re going to have to have done. He shows you how the dental implants are placed in your gum. He lets you know if you can have it or you can’t have it. I mean, he’s so attentive; he’s so professional and just a wonderful doctor. I couldn’t have had a better doctor. Dr. Mogyoros is excellent as well. When I had my surgery, he comes in here, and he checked me out. They keep a close eye on you. They explain every single thing, pre-op and post-op. You’re never left on your own. Everybody here, they treat you like you’re the only person here in this office, so you couldn’t have better than that.

Life has changed for me because I am a person — I always want to smile, and I had stopped smiling because I didn’t like the way my teeth looked. My confidence is back again. I enjoy laughing and talking. I wish I had done this sooner. If I knew it was going to be like this, I would have been here a long time ago. Nothing comes better than this place, and, like I said, everybody from the door to all of your doctors and your hygienists, everybody works with you and makes you feel comfortable at By Design Dental Implant Center near Lower Makefield, PA.

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