Carolyn’s Dental Implants

Carolyn’s Dental Implants

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I came to By Design because I desperately needed to get some upper implants, and I had been putting it off for a long time and had seen some advertisements on By Design, and I thought I’d come here and see what they could do for me. When I had a bridge in my mouth, initially it was fine, but over time the splint or bridge that was in my mouth started to fail. And as it failed, I became more and more self-conscious of the way my upper teeth looked. As far as fear of the dentist, I have a dental record that looks like the white pages. I, for years, tried to take good care of my teeth and had many procedures done only to have more and more things fail, get more and more discouraged.

Dr. Mogyoros was just very straightforward about what I needed to do, and he really was one of the folks who made me realize that this was the right place to come to. When I first heard about the cost, it did make me a little nervous, but when I talked to the consultants here, they gave me some options for financing part of it, so I did some of it in cash, and I financed some with no interest, and it turned out to be just perfect for me.

Dr. Thaler is very kind and compassionate; he makes you feel very comfortable as far as talking about the way your dental implants should look and feel. He just has a very mild, gentle manner about him that makes you feel very comfortable through the whole procedure. Rand is a great guy; Rand works with you in regards to how you want your teeth to look, the shape that they should be, the color they should be. I actually brought in pictures of people I thought had nice-looking teeth that would fit mine, and he gave me some very good feedback on what would look good on me and what wouldn’t look good.

I had some concerns about the size of the upper teeth because my bridge had teeth that looked very large to me, and he was able to work with that and give me a product that I was very, very happy with. I was a little bit worried about the pain, but the staff here assured me that after the first couple days I would be feeling pretty good and wouldn’t really require a whole lot of pain medication, and indeed they were correct; I did fine afterwards. I absolutely would recommend By Design to anyone who is considering having implants done near Doylestown, PA. It’s a great place.

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