Read Bonnie’s Story

Hi, my name is Bonnie. I’m 43 and live in Unadilla in Upstate New York. About two years ago, I was biting into a sandwich and a tooth got loose I felt a severe pain so I went to my dentist in New York and after analyzing and x-raying me she came back into the office and told me “I have good news and bad news. The good news is your teeth are great and they’re in good condition with no cavities. The bad news is they all have to come out.” Of course I was devastated and upset. Apparently all the dental bone was gone around my teeth so I had to figure out what to do from there. She told me she would go with implants since I was young. I think I was 41 when I found out. She sent me to different dentists and an oral surgeon and I talked about all the options with them, but it just didn’t seem – I wasn’t convinced – it just didn’t seem right, so I thought about maybe just having dentures, but being so young I just got thinking “No I don’t know if I want to have dentures the rest of my life” so I did some more research and I still didn’t find a place I was comfortable with. One day my dad sent me an article he had read about By Design Dental. They had just opened this office and I read it and saw that all the doctors were in one building and they offered the implants all in the same day, you get the teeth in the same day. There was a free CT Scan and free consultation. I got in the car and drove down and it was wonderful. I felt so comfortable when I walked in here, everyone was so friendly. The CT Scan was easy. They showed me everything. I think I was here for three hours consulting. Since I live so far away they spent a lot of time with me. After talking to them, I knew right down in my gut that this was the place for me. I had that peace come over me where I was a nervous wreck and very before that.

The day of the surgery was wonderful; they were all so caring and sweet and spent time with me. I wasn’t nervous. Everything went great. They really take good care of you. The doctors are perfectionists yet down to earth, very, very knowledgeable and make you feel like family. My experience was wonderful. I think I was working a few days later and love my smile. Eating is easy, I can chew anything. They feel very natural, the teeth. People that haven’t seen me and didn’t know about the surgery had no idea. They matched my smile that perfectly from before. I’ve always had a nice smile growing up because I had gone to the Orthodontist for years when I was a child so I had a perfect smile, a beautiful smile. I was very blessed. This was all very much of a shock that I had to lose my smile so they replicated it perfectly and nobody knows.

I feel great today with my new teeth. I work with people. I talk and laugh a lot. I feel very confident. I’m not worried. If I had dentures, I would be worried that they would fall out of my mouth or move around, so I’m very confident. I am very happy. Nobody knows I have implants. The teeth are beautiful and very easy to keep clean. I love them. It’s very natural and I can eat anything I want. Finding By Design was a miracle for me. I feel very blessed.

Dr. Mogyoros is wonderful. You can tell he really knows what he’s talking about, but not only that, being a wonderful surgeon he spent the time to come in out of his lunch time to come see me while I was here from New York and he looked at my CT Scan right away just to put me at ease and let me know if he could put the implants in the remaining bone that I had. He was honest and said I didn’t have much, but he thought he could do it and he showed me the different angles of the screws that he would have to line up just to catch the bone. He did an excellent job. I didn’t have any pain. The recovery was fast. I was very impressed with Dr. Mogyoros.

Working with Rand was fun and interesting. He was very receptive to how you wanted your teeth. He seemed to know exactly what you want from what you describe and he never got offended if you didn’t like how something looked. He would go back in the studio and redo it. He was very good. He listened.

I love this place. The people here at By Design are just wonderful. They are all down to earth. They treat you like family. I felt like royalty. They spent the time with you. I absolutely could not find anything negative about my experience here. I’m very happy. I was concerned with pricing due to going to another oral surgeon first. There was a two-page price list adding everything up and it was getting up there and it was thousands of dollars, where they gave me a flat price. It was affordable and they went the extra mile and got me a Care Credit for two years with no interest so it’s very affordable. If money is an option, do not be afraid.

I love these guys so much that I took off a day of work today and drove down three hours just to do this testimonial. I adore them so much that every time I come I bake them homemade cookies.

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