Read Arlene’s Story

Hi, I’m Arlene and I’m here to tell you what a wonderful choice I made by having implants done By Design. A friend recommended that I go see them because I was having so many problems with my removable bridge and I am so happy that I did that.

When I came here everyone was so gracious. The procedure was incredibly easy. I came in with three teeth that were missing and left with three implants that felt like my teeth. It’s been a wonderful experience. I am so glad that I don’t have the removable bridge to clean and not enjoy my food. Now it’s magic. It’s just wonderful. I feel younger.

I have to say that By Design made it so easy for me. I didn’t have any pain after the implants. The next day there was almost no tenderness and in the next day or two it was like I had never had any procedure done. It was just so easy. Dr. Mogyoros was absolutely fantastic. He was so kind and so caring. He constantly asked me if I felt anything. He made sure there was absolutely no pain. He was very, very gentle and now I just walk out and I don’t have to worry about a bridge, which has made my life so much easier.

Where can I get dental implants near me in Rose Tree Park, PA?