Read Alma’s Story

Hi, my name is Alma; I’m from Downingtown, Pennsylvania, and I had All-on-4 uppers done. Let me tell you how I came to By Design Dental. I had been going and searching for dentists and getting the same results. My upper teeth were getting loose and misshapen. My chewing was bad and the dentist kept telling me to come back, come back, come back and he would do some temporary things and nothing was getting better. Finally they were making an appointment for three months out, and I said “No, I’m never coming back.”

I went on the internet, and I decided to search and search. I knew there had to be a better answer for me, one that included me in the process of making the decision. I found out about All-on-4, and then I looked some more, looked in every internet and every video I could find on the internet, and I found two places that were kind of local. One was outside of Philadelphia and one was By Design. I called the first one and went all the way to the interview process. They said something and something just didn’t click right.

I called By Design and from the moment I called them it felt like the right place for me to be. I came in and every step of the way they included me in the process. They made me feel very comfortable. They explained every single step that I would take and they told me that they had a comprehensive team right here in this facility. Having worked with teams and even taught team work, you often come to places that talk about team and they really are not a team, but when I came here they absolutely are a team. You never get the sense that you’re not a part of the decision making process. You never walk away not feeling that you understand what’s going to happen to you.

I began the process, and I will say it was a journey. But every step of the way, they did everything they could do to make me comfortable. Then I got my permanent teeth, just a little over a month ago. Already, I just get so many compliments. I can’t get over how many compliments I do get and having never had a smile that I felt wonderful about, this is really great. Everyone on the staff will make you feel comfortable. I do believe and highly recommend By Design to anyone who is not happy with their smile or uncomfortable with their teeth and their chewing.

Let me tell you a little bit about my journey and why I decided to have All-on-4. I grew up in a small town in Ohio and I was one of eight children with wonderful parents but very challenged I would say financially taking care of dental work for all of their children. I was born with a historic in our family severe overbite and I think I had the worst one of the whole tribe and a giant gap in my teeth that you could drive a truck through. I always felt that my smile kind of held me back, and I always searched for an answer to that as I became an adult, and I was always given the same answer – that there was really nothing that they could do, that I would always have an overbite, that even standard dentures would not work for me. As I got older, my teeth began to shift and they got even worse, but still all conventional dentists that I went to — and I searched for Cosmetic Dentists, anything you could think of — I tried to find an answer. Always they told me that because of the spacing and the gap and overbite, even if they took my teeth out, I would not be happy with the results; I would still have a gap and I would still have an overbite.

I went through the process of the dentist trying to save the smile that I was terribly unhappy with anyway and didn’t want to save. Then on top of them wanting me to come back every three months for this “fix” that wasn’t really helping and they told me that I would pay this and come at all these different times they still would some day have to pull my teeth and give me dentures that I wouldn’t be happy with. I finally just got fed up with the whole process and I said, “I am not coming back. There has got to be an answer out there for me and I’m going to find it.”

Thank goodness for the internet because I got on it and I started searching and searching for an answer for me, and I discovered All-on-4. I read pages and pages of people’s experience and how they felt about their teeth after it was done, and I said, “That’s got to be the answer for me. Let me see if I can find somebody locally that can do that.” Again the internet was my answer. I looked up a couple of local dentists and by luck or happenstance or providence, I found By Design Dentists, and I am so thankful. That’s what I can say, I am so thankful that I did.

The process has been a journey, I won’t deny that. It has been a journey, but the journey has been made comfortable and helpful for me because of the way I was treated here by the staff. Everyone was just wonderful and made sure that I was comfortable from the beginning and also that I was happy with the results and let me smile for you because I am happy with the results. I’m new with this. I haven’t had my teeth very long, but I think I smile a lot in the mirror and I’m trying to get used to this person who is smiling back with me. It was definitely a life-changing experience.

I’m ready to go and talk and to meet people and to be out in the public a little more. I just wish if you are thinking about this, don’t wait until you’re old and retired like me. Do it now. Do it as soon as you can.

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