Share A Smile Recipient
Laura Albano

Meet Our Share A Smile Recipient, Laura Albano

Laura’s Story

Age: 28

Occupation: Hostess at Xfinity Live! Philadelphia

Laura Tells Us About Her Dental health: I remember at a young age suffering from dental issues such as tooth sensitivity, tooth decay, toothaches and several dental emergencies. I brushed and flossed regularly and never quite understood why this was happening to me! I pretty much felt like the dentist was becoming a second home to me. Appointment after appointment nothing seemed to be looking up just some temporary dental fixtures. Having so much work done from fillings to partials I was only 23 when I was told I should consider dentures! Living with the feelings of depression and insecurity and still so confused with why me!

Laura Tells Us Why Restoring Her Smile is Important to Her:  Restoring my smile is beyond important to me because I can smile again, laugh again and share a good conversation with someone. I could feel like the person I was created to be in life. Restoring my smile would be an overwhelming feeling of happiness that I would finally be able to give back to the ones that cross my path. It would mean the beginning of a new chapter that would change my life forever! It would me everything to restore my smile because one smile can’t change the world but it could change the world for me!

Laura Tells Us Why She Thinks She is a Good Candidate for the Share A Smile Program: I think I would be good candidate because I believe this procedure would change my life and help me to believe that I could feel happy and confident again and I know this change could help restore my way of life like thinking, eating, sleeping and simply just being! I have hope that one day my smile could change the world!

Laura Tells Us How this Procedure Changed Her Life: This procedure has changed my life in the most incredible ways! I feel like a brand new person with a whole new life and a brand new way of thinking. I am a more confident, positive person than I was just a little over a year ago because of it, stronger because of it and beyond ready to take on the world because of it! I am always smiling and happy to share my smile with the world. This procedure changed my life and gave me my confidence back and helped me build up the courage to pursue my education in Cosmetology. My smile makes me feel so beautiful that I would love to touch the lives of others in a positive way and make others feel beautiful like By Design Dental did for me.