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Looking to smooth wrinkles and plump skin without surgery? Juvederm is the answer. Learn more about this easy filler solution below, and contact By Design Dental Implant Center to schedule a free information session and consultation today.

What is Juvederm?

Like Botox, Juvederm is a cosmetic injection that smooths lines and wrinkles on the face. But unlike Botox, Juvederm has other uses, such as plumping lips and rejuvenating skin. An FDA-approved hyaluronic acid filler, Juvederm restores this naturally occurring carbohydrate to help retain moisture, improve the appearance of wrinkles, increase the size of lips and enhance cheeks and other areas of the face.

Receiving a Juvederm treatment is fast and easy and does not require surgery. Results, which appear natural, can be seen immediately after an injection and last longer than Botox.

Juvederm in Dentistry

It is not uncommon to receive Juvederm treatments at the dentist’s office after a regular teeth cleaning appointment. Specialists, like those at By Design Dental Implant Center, are trained to administer filler injections and often do so more regularly than professionals in other industries. Because we specialize in delivering oral and maxillofacial care, we offer a comfortable Juvederm experience for patients. Juvederm treatment can be a great compliment to any esthetic dental procedure including implants and veneers.

Is Juvederm right for you?

If you’re searching for a simple way to revitalize your skin through volumized lips and smoothed lines, Juvederm could be right for you. As we age, it becomes more difficult for our skin to retain moisture and hold onto the nutrients it needs to appear hydrated and plump. But regardless of age, many individuals curious about dermal fillers want to explore their options with subtle changes that allow them to feel more comfortable in their own skin. After weighing Juvederm pros and cons, many find that it is a great way to do this quickly without undergoing surgery. A free consultation with the experts at By Design Dental Implant Center will consist of reviewing your medical history and goals together to see if Juvederm is right for you.

Juvederm FAQs

How long does a Juvederm procedure take?

Juvederm procedures typically take around twenty minutes to perform but can take anywhere from ten to thirty minutes depending on the parts of the face you want to target. A By Design Dental specialist will administer injections in one or more areas.

Does Juvederm require surgery?

Juvederm does not require surgery of any kind or an anesthetic. It is an injectable gel that is fast and easy to administer at our offices. Many patients opt to receive their treatment right after a regular dentist appointment for teeth cleaning.

How long does Juvederm last?

Juvederm before and after images can show you what some common results look like immediately and over time. Juvederm is known to last longer than Botox, although it is a temporary solution. This means your results, which are immediate and depend on the areas injected, can last up to six months to two years.

Are there Juvederm long-term side effects?

As with any injectable treatment, Juvederm may have side effects but allergic side effects are rare.

Juvederm Serving Greater Philadelphia

To find out if Juvederm is the best treatment option for you, schedule a time to visit our offices for a complimentary evaluation. By contacting By Design Dental today, you can set up a free Juvederm consultation at your earliest convenience. Our team has extensive experience delivering effective treatment options for our proudly smiling patients.

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