Designing Your Smile: Three Factors to Consider When Creating Your Dental Implants

Although we often talk about the innovative science and technology that go into placing dental implant-retained crowns and arches, we seldom discuss the high degree of artistry that plays a huge role in designing a brand new smile. The restorations need to reflect a person’s unique facial structure while blending seamlessly with any surrounding natural teeth. Often, patients may even come in with a picture of a celebrity as a basis for what their smile will look like. In today’s blog, your King of Prussia implant dentists explain when Designing Your Smile: Three Factors to Consider When Creating Your Dental Implants.

Designing Your Implants
Once an examination has been completed and you are ready to receive a dental implant, our prosthodontist will meet with the experts at our on-site dental lab. During these discussions, they will look at three factors when designing your new restoration:

• Color
• Shape
• Facial structure

If the denture or crown that will be placed onto the implant posts aren’t shaded correctly, your restorations won’t look natural. When deciding the color of your crowns or dentures, our dental lab team will look at your smile. They will take into account how white you want your teeth to be and the best shade to ensure your new teeth match your smile.

In some cases, to ensure your new restorations blend with your smile, some teeth may need to be reshaped. For men, your restorations may be created so you have larger lateral incisors that are square and the same size as your middle teeth. This gives you a “masculine shape”. For women, your implants will be designed so your lateral incisors are smaller, tilted towards the middle teeth, and shaped narrower near the gum line. This is known as a “feminine shape”.

Facial Structure
This process involves designing your implants and implant-secured teeth to match your facial structure. As a result, your new teeth will look completely natural. When you leave our office, only you and the team at By Design Dental will be able to tell you have dental implants.

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Designing Your Smile: Three Factors to Consider When Creating Your Dental Implants
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