Dentures are a very popular option, when it comes to replacing missing teeth. For years, they were arguably the most popular option on the market. However, there are many reasons why dentures may not not be the best option for you, depending on a wide variety of different factors.

For example, many people complain about the fake and unnatural feel, as well as the discomfort. Dentures also tend to move around quite a bit, and they also need to be removed on a regular basis, to be cleaned. If all of this sounds a little unpleasant, you will be happy to know there are many other options available, for replacing teeth.

One of the most popular choices, are dental implants. Dental implants are advantageous for a number of reasons, one of the most important being that they feel and function much more like your own teeth. Here at By Design, we specialize in the revolutionary All-on-4 treatment concept, which uses dental implants to replace all of your teeth, in just one day. To schedule a free consultation with a doctor, simply fill out our contact form, or give us a call at (484) 231-1177.

What Are Dentures?
Dentures are – quite simply – teeth that are artificially made, which can replace your own missing teeth. They are easily removed and easily put back in, and in fact must be removed often, for cleaning. There are two main types of dentures: full and partial. If you’re worried about choosing between the two – don’t be. Your dentist will choose the correct option for you, and this will largely depend on cost, as well as just how many teeth need to be replaced.

How Do Dentures Work?
Dentures are custom-fitted to your mouth, and they will be sculpted from impressions taken of your teeth. There are three main types of dentures: conventional full dentures, immediate full dentures, and partial dentures. A conventional full denture is placed in your mouth after teeth are removed, and your tissues have healed. This is a more painstaking process, as healing can take months, and during this time, you will be without the teeth which have been removed. Immediate full dentures are different, in that they are placed into the mouth immediately after your teeth have been removed. Partial dentures are almost entirely different, as they rest on a metal framework, which is attached to your actual teeth. Partial dentures offer several advantages, such as being an alternative to bridges.

How Long To Get Used To Dentures?
New dentures may take quite a bit of time to get used to. This timeframe may mean it can be weeks – or even months – until your dentures start to feel completely natural. For example, seemingly normal tasks like chewing, or speaking properly, may actually take a bit of practice, with new dentures. Dentures also may feel a little bit loose at first, and general discomfort in your mouth is also commonplace. This may mean excessive saliva flow, a feel of lack of space for your tongue, and even some slight pain or irritation. Do not worry – all of these are fairly common symptoms of new dentures.

What Are Dental Implants?
Dental implants – by contrast – are much more natural in feel, and are adjusted to almost immediately. Here at By Design, we offer a complete replacement of your teeth – done in just 24 hours. The process is pain-free, easy, and cost-effective. To schedule a free consultation with one of our doctors, simply fill out our contact form, or give us a call at (484) 231-1177.

Dental implants are simply thought of as replacement tooth roots. They will provide a very solid foundation for replacement teeth, which are made to match your natural teeth. Dental implants offer numerous advantages over dentures (which for years, were really the only option available for replacement teeth). Some of the many advantages of dental implants over dentures are: better oral health, better eating, less cleaning, better comfort, better speech, and improved appearance.

Dental implants are also highly durable, and are designed to fuse with your bone – so they essentially become permanent teeth. Many of our patients at By Design especially enjoy their improved ability to speak, as they do not have to go through the painful process of learning to have dentures in their mouth. Another advantage of dental implants over dentures, that is frequently mentioned by our patients, is the vastly improved comfort.

No longer do you have to deal with the unnatural feeling of dentures, or the pain and irritation. At By Design, we can give you an entirely new set of teeth – all in one day. The process is easy, pain-free, and cost-effective. To schedule a free consultation with one of our doctors, simply fill out our contact form, or give us a call at (484) 231-1177.

Dentures vs. Dental Implants
Dentures and dental implants both offer different advantages. For many years, dentures were essentially the only option for those who needed replacement teeth. But in recent years, dental implants have started to become much more popular for the average person. Since dental implants are much more natural-feeling, and offer a much less painful period of adjustment than dentures, dental implants have become a much more popular option among consumers.

Dentures were traditionally seen as a somewhat inconvenient option, as they required very frequent cleaning, and had to be completely removed from your mouth, to do so. Dental implants provide a much better alternative, and have very little downsides. Here at By Design, we offer a free consultation with a doctor, and they can walk you through the entire process of dental implants. To schedule a free consultation with one of our doctors, fill out our contact form, or simply give us a call at (484) 231-1177.

The fit of dentures is typically cited as a major problem. Dentures tend to slide around, cause irritation, and simply lack the feel of natural teeth. By comparison, dental implants are essentially brand new teeth – from the root up. They offer a much better fit, and feel much more comfortable. When you add in the very frequent cleaning that is required of dentures, there really is no comparison between the vastly improved convenience that dental implants offer.

Dental implants are almost completely unnoticeable, after the initial procedure is over. Dentures – while they offer many benefits – require constant upkeep and care. Dentures do not fit nearly as well as dental implants, which offer nearly the same feel and look, as your normal teeth.

Dentures also offer a less optimal experience than dental implants, and function less like natural teeth. So when it comes strictly to function, dental implants are clearly superior, as they feel, function and act – much more like your normal teeth. You can care for them like your normal teeth, you can clean them like your normal teeth, and you can still eat all the foods you love.

When it comes to being able to speak normally, dental implants also offer a vastly improved experience, as there is no learning curve in adjusting to the implants, like there is with dentures. Dental implants also bring a much greater sense of freedom and confidence, that is simply not present with dentures. Here at By Design, we offer a free consultation with one of our highly skilled doctors, and they can walk you through the superior functioning of dental implants. To schedule a free consultation with one of our doctors, fill out our contact form, or simply give us a call at (484) 231-1177.

Cost Comparison
The cost of dentures compared to the cost of dental implants is fairly straightforward. Dentures are a more affordable option for tooth replacement. However, once all the cumulative costs are added in (cleaning solution, replacement dentures, fixatives), dentures actually become much more expensive. On top of this, dentures typically last only 6-15 years. Compare this to the average lifespan of dental implants – which usually last 25 years – and it is easy to see why dental implants are a much better investment. If you are going to be spending money on improving your health and appearance, you want to make sure that you are getting the most comfortable, longest lasting option. Dental implants are both more comfortable, and longer laster, than traditional dentures.

How Can I Avoid Problems With My Teeth?
Taking care of one’s teeth is truly a lifelong journey. It starts by brushing regularly. 2-3 times a day is ideal, and the ADA (American Dental Association) also recommends using a toothpaste with fluoride. Here are some of the toothpastes we recommend. Brushing is also key because it helps eliminate plaque and food, which creates a sticky white residue on your teeth, and contains large amounts of bacteria.

When it comes to choosing a toothbrush, there are many different choices. Some of our patients prefer electric toothbrushes, others do not. There are many different toothbrushes on the market, but this electric toothbrush model is one of our favorites. Another key step in maintaining optimal dental health, is flossing regularly. It is best to buy floss in bulk, if you are looking to not only save money, but to never be without it, so you can always have fresh and clean teeth. There are a number of great flossing options on the market, and in fact there is very little difference between most varieties. One of our favorites can be found here.

We also recommend daily use of a mouthwash, usually after every brushing. This is – in our opinion – the best mouthwash on the market. Eating a diet low in sugar, and high in nutrients, is also critical in maintaining good dental health. Be sure to also drink plenty of water, and cut out beverages which can cause harm to the enamel of your teeth, like soda (even diet).

In addition to flossing, a great way to maintain oral hygiene is a Water Pik, especially with dental implants. This is our preferred model, and the one which we commonly give to all our patients here at By Design.

By Design Offers Dental Implants
So after all this reading, you might still be wondering – should I get dentures, or should I get dental implants? Quite simply – dental implants. They are longer lasting, look and feel like your normal teeth, offer no painful adjustment period, and allow you to eat and speak like you normally would.

In fact, dental implants are so good that unless you tell your friends you’ve have the procedure done, they will never be able to tell! The process of dental implants at our practice is easy, our doctors are extremely knowledgable and friendly. Plus – you will leave with a whole new smile! Not to mention improved self esteem, a more youthful appearance, and much greater inner confidence! Scheduling a free consultation with a doctor is as simple as filling out our contact form, or giving us a call at (484) 231-1177.