Dental Implants: The Best Denture Alternative Philly Has to Offer!

People frequently call our office asking questions like, “How much do dental implants cost?” or “How long will it take me to get a set of dental implants?” When you take into consideration that we are a dental implant center, these questions may seem, at first, to be entirely legitimate. In our experience, however, it is not simply the cost or the quantity of time that makes the dental implant procedure an appealing investment. As with any product or service that stands the test of time, replacing broken or missing teeth is a complex process that requires expertise and the finest materials. Our patients get the opportunity to learn about this entire process, and they consistently come away from their treatment with the confidence that they have chosen the best denture alternative Philly residents can find.

Maybe you have seen an ad in a magazine or on a billboard, claiming something like, “Dental Implants: Only $999!” If this seems too good to be true, or even slightly misleading, that’s because such statements only give you a glimpse of the bigger picture. When you are looking for replacement teeth that will last you a lifetime, a series of procedures are required, and the implants you keeping hearing about are only one piece, one of several steps you will need to take to get the best denture alternative Philly has to offer. Your total mouth makeover begins and ends with very unique circumstances, so we encourage you to look beyond the cost of “just an implant”, and think about the current conditions of your teeth that need to be treated.

The Best Denture Alternative in Philly: All-on-4

When you visit us at By Design, we will evaluate your teeth, gums, and jaw bones to figure out a few factors that will ultimately determine the extent of your treatment. You may have several bad, broken, or missing teeth, We may discover partial teeth, broken beyond repair, which need to be removed before we can place a dental implant. Depending on the condition of your jaw bone at the site where we need to place an implant, we may need to do a bone graft so that the post can be firmly anchored in place.

On the day of your implant procedure, we can create a temporary tooth or set of teeth.   These temporary teeth allow you to chew and function almost to the full capacity of your permanent teeth.  They are meant to look nice and allow one to eat cautiously while the implants integrate to your jawbone over the next 3-4 months.  An added advantage for you and By Design is this allows you to provide lots of feedback to us if you would like any subtle changes to your final teeth, ie. make them a shade lighter.   After complete implant integration, we can transition you to your new, natural looking, permanent replacement teeth. Your new prosthetic teeth, specifically designed to allow you to eat, speak, and smile just like you did with your original teeth, are built to last you a lifetime.

As you weigh the pros and cons of crowns, bridges, and the best denture alternative Philly has to offer, remember that your treatment comes down to a whole lot more than just dental implants. Generalizations about cost can be very misleading, so we encourage you to look at the big picture. Do you want a solution that will last you a few years before needing to be replaced? Or do you want permanent replacement teeth with retention that only implants can provide, which will last you for the rest of your life?

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