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Dental Implants
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The first thing people want to know about dental implants is: what exactly are they? Tooth implants are a type of tooth restoration option for those with missing and/or deteriorating teeth, as well as chronic dental issues. Acting as artificial tooth roots, they provide a permanent base for fixed, replacement teeth. If you’re in the Philadelphia area and are interested in our dental implant service, feel free to contact our expert team to schedule a consultation.

Dental implants have three distinct pieces, that when working together, produce natural-looking, fully functional replacement teeth:

  1. The titanium screw – this performs like a substitute tooth root. When chewing, the root gives the stimulation required to sustain a healthy jaw. The titanium screw integrates with the jaw bone after placement, helping to maintain the needed stimulation. This is the piece that permanently attaches to your jaw.
  2. The metal abutment – this can be placed at the same time as the titanium screw, or after the screw has had time to heal and fuse with your jaw. The metal abutment acts as the connector piece between the screw and the prosthesis, supporting the teeth.
  3. The prosthesis –when it comes to single tooth replacement, the prosthesis is referred to as a crown. This piece of the tooth is visible and customized for durability and a natural-looking smile.

Our Dental Implant Procedure in Philadelphia

The dental implant procedure can vary for each patient, however, the first step for everyone is always a consultation appointment with your doctor. At this time, you will talk with your doctor, who will perform an oral exam, as well as talk with you about your particular goals and treatment options. The first visit is very important as it allows your doctor to create a personalized treatment plan designed to fit your exact needs.

The next step is the procedure. At that visit, your doctor will place the implant screws and abutments. This part of the procedure is typically performed with the help of anesthesia to make sure you don’t experience any discomfort. Once the anesthesia has been given and taken effect, your doctor will place the screw into the empty tooth socket. In most cases, the abutment will be attached at the same time, and a provisional crown will also be placed. This ensures that you’re not living without a tooth while the implant fuses with the jaw bone.

The final step, once the implant heals, is returning to the office for the placement of your final prosthesis. The prosthesis will snap onto the abutment, taking the place of the provisional crown, providing you with a permanent restoration.

Advantages of Dental Implants

Dental implants provide long-lasting, cost-effective results. The major benefits are:

  • Longevity – dental implants can last a lifetime if cared for the right way. Since they are designed to be permanent, you won’t have to worry about them falling out or having to replace them after a few short years.
  • Easy maintenance and care – the design of dental implants make it easy to care for them. In order to preserve them, simply floss once a day and brush twice a day.
  • Jaw bone preservation – the implant screw is intended to mimic the function of the tooth root, maintaining the stimulation from chewing that is needed to keep the jaw bone from deteriorating.
  • Eating – no longer worry about avoiding foods you love or taking your teeth out. You can treat your new teeth as if they were natural.
  • Natural-looking – the implant screws support a natural-looking prosthesis. Your dentist will customize your prosthesis to look just like your natural teeth, meaning they will integrate effortlessly into your smile. No one will be able to tell the difference, and you will be able to smile with self-confidence!

Philadelphia’s #1 All-on-4 Treatment Center

Some patients missing teeth are usually fearful they must live the rest of their lives hiding their smile. Some are even afraid of the treatment because they think it will be too expensive, time-consuming, and painful. Our experienced team has the perfect option available for those patients – the All-on-4 dental implant treatment is a revolutionary solution for replacing a full arch of teeth in just one procedure.

How does the All-on-4 Treatment Work?

Not only is the All-on-4 treatment done in just one procedure, but this groundbreaking solution also helps to keep costs lower since there are only one procedure and fewer scheduled appointments.

This treatment takes dental implants and a fixed denture in order to restore a full arch of teeth all at once. Tooth implants are intended to imitate the anatomy of your natural teeth. The base of the implant joins forces with the jaw bone and acts as a supportive base for the denture. Once the denture is securely in place, you don’t ever have to worry about removing it or having it fall out because the implants keep it locked and in place.

Dental implants were not always available for patients with extensive tooth loss due to the lack of bone support required to place many implants in the jaw, but with the All-on-4 procedure, that has changed.

If you suffer from extensive tooth loss, we strongly encourage you to consider this revolutionary treatment. Our staff can answer all your questions and will be there when you are ready to restore your smile!

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