Comparing Dental Implant Systems for Tooth Replacement 

Finding the Best Solution for Missing Teeth 

It’s human nature to improve our lives by bettering ourselves, and one of the simplest and yet most powerful ways to do so is to increase your self-esteem. With more confidence, men and women have a greater freedom to pursue their goals and can more fully and naturally relax in social recreative pastimes, such as spending time with family, going out to restaurants, or taking selfies with friends during a vacation. 

If you have missing or broken teeth, you know how it negatively affects these pursuits and activities, leading to greater stress in the short term (with every smile) and the long term (as this effect compounds and shapes lifestyle choices). Dental implants can clear away this stress with the rapidity of waking up from a bad dream, and unlike many other self-improvement options that require large amounts of striving and soul-searching, dental implants supply lasting self-esteem with a single decision and easy process. 

If you’re set to make a big positive change in your life with dental implants, it only remains to be asked, what type of implant should you choose? To make your transition to a de-stressed life easier, this article will demonstrate the pros and cons of major replacement options and lay out which replacement option is best for you. All you’ll have to do is choose a provider and show up for the procedure. 

Comparing the Major Dental Implant Systems 

Immediate Load Dental Implants 

Immediate load dental implants were developed to satisfy an increased demand for fast treatment and shorter downtime. The key feature of immediate load implants is a very small timeframe between the placement of the implant and the placement of a replacement tooth. They therefore offer the advantage of expediency to patients. 

But there are drawbacks. Immediate load implants are only possible if the implant is determined to be stable enough immediately after being placed, which is less likely for patients who require larger implants or who have more extensive bone material lossIf the doctor does go forward with the procedure, to ensure continued stability, patient diets are highly restricted for months after surgery until healing is complete, and failure to follow restrictions could cause the implants to fail, meaning the procedure was a waste. 

Even if the treatment is successful, immediate load implants carry a greater risk for early failure compared to other implants, so you may have to go through the whole procedure over again after a number of years. If you do choose immediate load implants, you’ll want to make sure you choose a trusted provider, as their sensitive nature requires advanced knowledge and care for success. 

Mini Dental Implants (MDIs) 

Mini dental implants are exactly what they sound like: implants that are smaller than traditional implants. About the size of a toothpick, they’re used for individuals who want to minimize surgery, don’t have the bone mass in their jaw to support larger implants, or want to avoid the expense of bone grafts. 

Their small size comes at a price, however. Many dentists believe that the implants will not last as long as traditional implants, and failure rates have been shown to be as high as 13 percent.1 They also have a lower tolerance for stress from biting, which makes them more likely to bend or break. This relative weakness also means they’re not recommended for teeth grinders, as grinding may wear them down, making them an option that requires a lot of consideration for buyers. 

The All-On-4® Procedure  

The All-on-4® Procedure uses four implants as a base for a full arch of teeth, instead of individual implants for each tooth. After the procedure, patients are provided with a fully functional, temporary set of teeth until the tissues heal, at which point the permanent replacement teeth will be placed. 

Like mini dental implants, they require a smaller number of implants and work well for people who don’t have enough bone mass in their jaw to support a traditional implant. There is also no need for bone grafting during the procedureHowever, unlike mini dental implants, All-on-4® implants have a longer shelf life than traditional implants; the titanium implants integrate with the jawbone and are designed to last a lifetime. 

The All-on-4® Procedure is also perfect for people who want to complete their tooth restorations quickly and avoid multiple surgeries, as the small number of implants allows the process to be complete in just one procedure without fear of needing replacements down the line. 

Which is the Best Tooth Replacement Option? 

Although immediate load dental implants can be completed in a single day, and mini dental implants can work for people with less bone mass, many dentists consider the All-On-4® Procedure the best option in both the short and long term. All-On-4® replacements have a higher stress tolerance compared to mini dental implants, and they work just as well for people with low jawbone mass. 

Meanwhile, the sensitive nature of immediate load implants means that a doctor may determine that the implants are not actually secure enough to place replacements the same day, while an All-On-4® Procedure guarantees that the patient will walk out of surgery with a new set of temporary replacement teeth and receive their permanent teeth with no additional surgeries. 

Add to these factors that the All-On-4® replacements are designed to last a lifetime, and it’s clear that this procedure has greater benefits and fewer risks and works as well for candidates with special needs. It makes sense then that the widely accepted superior option is the All-On-4® Procedure. 

Where to Go from Here for Your Dental Implant System 

You know that dental implants can change your life and now you have an idea of which dental option should work best for you. All you have to do is choose a provider. And since dental implants can and should last a lifetime, you need to choose the best provider available to you. 

By Design Dental Implant Center is a trusted dental implant provider. They offer a worry-free experience with best-in-class technology for precise procedures and doctors recognized within the industry for setting new standards. If you’d like more information or you’re ready to take the first steps toward a new and improved smileschedule a consultation today. 


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