Dental Implant Recovery Diet

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A very common question patients have after undergoing dental surgery is, “What can you eat after dental implant surgery?” Eating the right foods is a crucial part of every patient’s post-op care. It’s important that you help your body make the most of its natural resources to stay strong and heal quickly. Once a dental implant procedure is complete, our patients must often adjust their diet and create new nutritional habits from the time of their surgery date to the final delivery of their new teeth. Typically, we give our patients a recovery nourishment options list after treatment to ease this transition, but there are a few best practices everyone should be aware of.

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How to React to Losing (or Breaking) an Adult Tooth

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Adult teeth are commonly knocked out by falls, sports accidents, biting down on hard objects, and other mishaps. Damaging or losing permanent adult teeth can be scary. Minor tooth injuries can often be treated by your dentist, but severe tooth and mouth injuries require a specialist to perform expert extractions, restorations, and sometimes even bone grafting procedures. Oral surgeons are experts in repairing facial injuries of all kinds, including tooth replacements. In fact, many oral surgeons are on staff at major hospitals to treat emergency facial trauma patients. All of us at By Design Dental Implant Center know how frightening losing your permanent adult teeth can be, which is why we’ve listed a few steps to help you prepare for broken and lost teeth. To improve the chances of saving your natural tooth with minimal discomfort, follow these helpful instructions! Broken Teeth: When you break a tooth, it’s vital that…

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