Caring for Dental Implants: A Post-Surgery Timeline

Dental implants are popular due to their ability to look and function much like natural teeth. Implants also require the same care and attention as your natural teeth. At By Design Dental, we can offer the care and advice necessary to protect your dental implants and ensure many years with your gorgeous, dependable new smile. In today’s blog, your Philadelphia implant dentists discuss the importance of attending follow up visits and maintaining proper dental habits.

Two-Week Appointment
Whether you underwent implant placement to replace a single tooth or went through a Total Mouth Makeover, you will need to attend several vital follow-up visits. The two-week visit involves removing sutures and evaluating the state of healing. The By Design Dental team will also watch for any warning signs of infection. If deemed necessary, you may need to attend a similar appointment at six weeks. During these visits, we will also check the state of your implant-supported teeth. If you’ve received a full arch during a Total Mouth Makeover procedure, we will check to ensure that you are experiencing the full range of benefits associated with a healthy mouth.

Three-Month Checkup
Once the area has healed, your permanent denture or implant restoration will be placed during the three-month checkup. Our team will also assess the state of the hard and soft tissues surrounding the implant to ensure your implant posts are stable and secure.

Long Term Care
In the long term, preventive care is vital for maintaining your implants. First, always attend routine checkups and cleanings. These visits allow your dentist and professional hygienist to watch for any signs of burgeoning gum disease, a dental health issue that can cause an implant to fail. If possible, you may want to visit a dentist whose hygiene staff has experience with preventive care for dental implants. In addition, brush your teeth twice a day and floss at least once. Try to use an antibacterial mouthwash, too. These simple preventive measures will cleanse your mouth of stray food particles and bacteria, protecting your restorations from periodontitis.

Schedule a Visit with Your Philadelphia Implant Dentists
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