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Botox isn’t exclusively reserved for celebrities. You too can have a smile made even brighter with lines and wrinkles smoothed by Botox injections. Learn more about this simple solution for smooth skin below, and contact By Design Dental Implant Center to schedule a free information session and consultation today.

What is Botox?

Botox is a safe and accessible treatment used by adult men and women of all ages for cosmetic and medical reasons. An umbrella term for several different versions, Botox is the injection of botulinum toxins to smooth and soften select lines and wrinkles of the face by temporarily weakening the facial muscles in specific areas. This also prevents the formation of new wrinkles in those areas.

Botox is approved by the FDA and doesn’t require surgery or recovery. Many people get Botox to temporarily erase frown lines on the forehead, laugh lines around the mouth and lips and crow’s feet or small wrinkles around the eyes.

Botox in Dentistry

By Design Dental Implant Center is home to trained professionals who are certified and authorized to administer Botox treatments, but offering Botox isn’t uncommon in dentistry. In fact, this treatment can help patients with new dentures and smiles, issues with TMJ and facial muscles in need of training. Botox can also benefit those suffering from headaches and jaw clenching and grinding. Botox treatment can also be a great compliment to any esthetic dental procedure including implants and veneers.

Is Botox right for you?

If you’re searching for an easy fix for frustrating lines and wrinkles, Botox is an effective option to explore. It’s subtle and works well to smooth problem areas for a more youthful appearance. When considering Botox, you should review your medical history and current conditions to determine if the injection and its ingredients are safe and appropriate for you. This is what a professional at By Design Dental will do at your free consultation.

Botox FAQs

How long does it take for Botox to work?

How long does Botox take? Not very long. Visible smoothing can happen within 5 to 7 days, and many patients see greater results beginning to take after one week. Immediately after a treatment and as this gradual smoothening process occurs, patients can eat, drink and resume their daily activities as usual.

How long does Botox last?

Botox results can last anywhere from three to six months. With repeat treatments, this period may also extend.

Does Botox require surgery?

Botox does not require surgery of any kind. It is an easy injection that does not lead to discomfort and only requires ten to thirty minutes of your time at our offices. The treatment consists of an injection in the desired area of the face, which does not require an anesthetic.

Are there Botox long-term side effects?

Botox may have side effects, just like other types of treatments, but both short- and long-term side effects are rare. We make sure Botox matches your needs and medical and dental conditions before offering you treatment. After receiving Botox, you should communicate any concerns right away.

What should I come prepared with?

By reading through our Botox FAQ, you are already well-prepared to explore your options with Botox. But you should also be ready to share relevant information with us when you arrive, such as any muscle or nerve conditions you experience, any allergies you have and any medications you take that may interfere with treatment. Together, we’ll determine if a Botox treatment is right for you once we gather this information at your initial consultation.

Botox Serving Greater Philadelphia

To find out if Botox is the best treatment option for you, schedule a time to visit our offices for a complimentary evaluation. By contacting By Design Dental today, you can set up a free Botox consultation at your earliest convenience. Our team has extensive experience delivering effective treatment options for our proudly smiling patients.

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