A Matter of Taste: How Implant-Secured Teeth Can Help You Retain Your Sense of Taste

Despite the fact that they’ve been the go-to solution for total adult tooth loss for hundreds of years, traditional dentures have a number of drawbacks. For starters, they often slip or fall out while eating and talking. But what some may not know is the wear and tear they cause on the gums and the underlying jawbone.

But by far the most common complaints we hear from patients who wear removable dentures is the significant reduction in their ability to taste their food. The joy we take from savoring the complex flavors of our favorite foods is part of what makes the eating experience so unique. Take that joy away, and you can experience a serious decrease in your quality of life. The team at By Design Dental, Philadelphia’s premier dental implant center, discusses this phenomenon and talks about how dental implant-secured teeth do not impair the tasting experience.

Traditional Dentures and Hypogeusia
You have anywhere from 150,000 to 1.5 million taste receptor cells in your mouth, primarily in the taste buds on your tongue and your soft palate. A traditional, full-arch upper denture has a plastic or metal plate that covers the soft palate in order to increase suction and hold the denture in place. This means that when you wear an upper denture, the taste receptors on your soft palate are rendered ineffective and you experience hypogeusia, the clinical term for reduced taste ability. The foods and drinks you used to enjoy taste muted or bland and many denture wearers express reduced enjoyment around mealtime.

Implant-Secured Teeth and Improved Taste Ability
Implant-secured teeth refer to a complete arch that is secured to titanium implant posts within the jaw. Since implants provide a stable, permanent base for your new teeth, patients do not have to rely on suction to hold the arch in place. This means that implant-secured upper teeth do not have a soft palate plate. Since the soft palate isn’t covered, all of those thousands of taste receptors can still do their jobs and help you enjoy all the complexity and sharpness of your favorite foods. Many of our patients at By Design Dental have been pleasantly surprised by how much joy they take from the dining experience now that they can actually taste their food.

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