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What We Do

By Design Dental Implant Center, located in King of Prussia, is nothing like the dentist or oral surgeon. We’re a dental implant center that simplifies the implant process to help more people make a dramatic, positive difference in their life. Our dental implants provide oral health benefits and also improve self-confidence by mimicking the anatomy of your natural teeth. Timely, cost-effective and painless, our dental implant procedure, All-on-4®, has positively impacted the lives of regular people just like you.
A Worry-Free Experience

By Design Dental is a place to take care of yourself and make a change that will improve your everyday life. A visit with us at our King of Prussia location is nothing like a usual trip to the dentist or oral surgeon. Our beautiful facilities are built for your comfort and equipped for best-in-class treatment, welcoming you with a warm atmosphere. From your very first visit to your last treatment, you’ll notice how we attend to every detail of your experience, eliminating worry and instilling confidence and relief that you made the best decision.

Dental Implants In One Day

At By Design Dental, many of our clients are people who have wanted to improve their smile for years, but simply haven’t had the time. In recognizing this, we provide a state-of-the-art dental implant procedure, All-on-4®, that lets you leave our office with a complete, new smile. Immediately after your final procedure, you can return to work, go out to eat or take care of your family with a fully-functioning set of permanent teeth—all while feeling more confident than you’ve felt in years.

A Positive Life Change

Self-improvement comes in many shapes and sizes, from working out to seeing a therapist and so much more. If damaged or missing teeth are a constant source of stress and a reason for low self-esteem in your life, dental implants are a simple way to change that. By Design Dental in Montgomery County makes it easy and exciting for you to feel good about improving your smile, with simple yet state-of-the-art procedures, a spa-like atmosphere and countless life-changing stories from people just like you.

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Prosthodontists in Montgomery County, PA

What is a prosthodontist?

A prosthodontist is a dental specialist who has completed dental school plus an additional three years of advanced training and education in an accredited prosthodontic graduate program. They specialize in treating and handling dental problems that involve restoring damaged or missing teeth. A prosthodontist. is highly trained in cosmetics, dental implants, crowns, bridges, veneers, dentures, temporomandibular disorders (TMJ), sleep appliances, and more.

How is a prosthodontist different from other dentists and dental specialists?

Prosthodontists are the recognized experts involving the repair or replacement of any damaged or missing teeth in your mouth. Their expertise in dental treatment planning can range from the repair of a single tooth, to complex treatment involving the rehabilitation of all of the teeth and gums in the mouth. While many other dentists can do some of these treatments, prosthodontists are the only dental health providers dedicated to this type of care.

Why choose a prosthodontist?

Many people choose a prosthodontist because of their advanced education and training, efficiency, and expertise with advanced technology. Prosthodontists are extensively trained in state-of-the-art techniques and procedures. Patients seeking dentists who are focused on detail and perfection to regain an esthetic and functional dentition often seek prosthodontists for treatment. Rigorous training and experience give prosthodontists a special understanding of the dynamics of a smile and the preservation of a healthy mouth.

See Our Patients Smile!

A new set of permanent teeth can change your life! In fact, our patients can’t stop smiling after their procedures. Hear how their lives have improved since choosing By Design Dental Implant Center.

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