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Dental Implants

What Exactly Are Dental Implants? An Introduction

If you currently wear dentures, or think you’ll soon need to, take a look at our All-on-4™ dental implant solution.

Please watch this informative video for a visual explanation of how our implant procedure works:


There is new hope for those needing to replace lost or damaged teeth.

In recent years there have been great advances in the dental profession, which have enabled many people who are missing a few or even all of their teeth, or those with severe periodontal diseases, to have dental implants. This is an option that returns the teeth to their natural state or sometimes even better than they ever were!

There is no use of artificial materials in this process and, additionally, the healthy teeth next to the repaired ones will not be affected in any way.

Another advantage of dental implants is that they are long lasting. They are rooted to the jawbone in a similar manner to the pre-existing tooth. Unlike previous procedures, dentures bridges and the like, a dental implant can be installed on the same day the existing teeth are removed to restore a beautiful smile. The implants are firmly affixed, do not shake loose, and can last a lifetime.

The design of a dental implant for a single tooth has three parts. First, the crown is the topmost part and is what is visible inside the mouth. This layer is attached to the second layer, which is an abutment that rests at the gum line. Finally, a titanium implant base is fused to the jawbone. The three come together to give the teeth a lovely and natural look. This is a great way to restore the dentition to its natural form without using irritating plastic materials.

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Dental Implant History

Bone implant technology began in 1952 from an experiment carried out by a Swedish professor by the name Per-Ingvar Branemark. He made use of titanium implants in a way to understand the flow of blood in the bone. Later on he found out that the implant had completely integrated with the bone, and called this discovery “osseo-integration,” which would later be used on human beings suffering from bone injuries.

In 1965, Gosta Larson, who suffered from tooth loss due to jaw deformities, was the first patient to have a dental implant. Later, research in this area refined the implants with a high success rate; indeed, there are records of patients whose implants have lasted for more than 40 years. In recent years this procedure has had a success rate of 96% and in 2006 there were over 1.7 million implants successfully performed. It has become the best option for the replacement of teeth.


The Dental Implant Experience

Our center provides implant dentistry that caters to the rapidly expanding field of dental implants. Our center takes good care of you in every step of your treatment plan. We will do a dental implant for you to replace a single tooth or multiple teeth. Statistics show that our center performs more dental implant procedures in a month than many dental practices perform in a year. We are your ideal choice for replacing missing teeth.


The Advantages of Dental Implants

  • Preserve a youthful appearance
  • Enjoy a proven successful solution
  • Maintain your healthy teeth
  • Enjoy stable retention and security


All-in-One Treatment Center

By Design Dental Implant Center has a team of experienced professionals that make use of 3D scanning technology and a specialized on-site dental implant lab that makes us stand out from traditional dental treatment providers. This allows us to give our patients complete, fast, and convenient treatment all in one location.


Modern Technology

Producing a 3D scan that enables an accurate assessment of your implant needs and a high level of patient care only takes 20 seconds. The scan allows a detailed look at your existing teeth, bone, nerves, and gum tissue.

The 3D images and cross sectional views achieved from the scans allow the specialists to:

  • Avoid nerves and sinuses
  • Give a customized treatment approach for each individual patient
  • Determine the qualities of the bone that will anchor the dental implants
  • Determine the exact placement of the implants
  • Determine the actual type and size of the implants


Nobel Biocare Immediate Function Procedures

Nobel Biocare Immediate Function procedures and All-on-4 procedures are offered by our center. The Immediate Function procedures allow you to receive your implants and new teeth all on the same day. The All-on-4 procedure saves time and money by allowing the replacement of a full arch of teeth in one day.


Why We Use Nobel Biocare Dental Implants

The Nobel Biocare mission is to be the most desirable partner in science-based solutions that help dental professionals to make real and lasting differences to the well being of their patients, empowering them to lead healthier and more satisfying lives. We share in their quest to provide nothing short of the best service possible to our patients so that you receive the quality care that you deserve.


Dental Implant Lab Directly On Site

Our on-site dental implant lab provides the best facilities for the replacement of teeth. Our specialists give specific recommendations concerning the best tooth replacement materials based on your needs and lifestyle. These choices include high-grade acrylic resin or porcelain. The material gives the teeth their natural look, providing different shades of teeth as per the requirements of individual patients. The implants can only be visible by x-ray.


Experienced Oral Surgeons and Prosthodontists

Our center prides itself in only having experienced, well trained and qualified specialists on staff. Our specialists carry out the procedure of placing dental implants. Immediately after the implants are placed, the restoration of teeth is performed by a prosthodontist and restorative dentist, who are dentists with advanced education and specialized training in treatment planning, restoring, and replacing missing teeth.


Patient Education Consultants

Our patient education consultants will guide you through the dental implant procedure from the start to the end, addressing your questions and concerns.


Free Educational Events and Seminars for Patients

Our center provides a platform for patients and guests to learn about dental implants through seminars. We work to enlighten you on how you can change your life in just one appointment. You will get a chance to interact with the doctors and the equipment they use.


Free 3D CAT Scan and Consultation (a $700 value)

At no cost, the center provides a chance for prospective patients to learn about specific dental implant treatment solutions tailored to each patient. We also offer consultation in a patient’s quest for the best possible treatment.


Warranty and Financing Offer

A number of dental implant financing options are offered by our center to make the cost of implant procedures more affordable. Patient education consultants offer all details on warranty issues.

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